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Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

21 views  •  5 Feb 2023
Kids Craft Ideas
13 subscribers

Paper Flowers Are Still So Incredibly Popular

Paper flowers were probably one of the very oldest paper crafting projects people made. Maybe even hundreds of years ago. And to this day they are still incredibly popular. Fun and simple to make, paper flowers always add colour and sparkle to your home, long after you have finished the project.

With a million variations of paper blooms out there. The possibilities are endless. You can use crepe paper or tissue paper, even old wrapping paper and pipe cleaners. You can display a nice bunch of colourful flowers in a decorated jam jar. Or add little paper flowers to jewellery and other ornaments.

Things We Need To Make Flowers From Paper

  • Paper for flower templates
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Coloured card
  • Coloured tissue paper or crepe paper
  • Glue stick
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Sticky Tape
Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

Draw A Lovely Flower Shape Template

Copy a flower shape from the internet or simply make up your own flower shape. Draw the flower shape onto paper and cut out. Do not worry if you flower shape is not perfect. It is fun to have wobbly flowers too.

Once you have a template, we can use this to make many flowers.

Draw around your template onto the pink card and then cut out the card to reveal the start of your paper flower.
Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

Cut The Flower Petals

Now we need to make some petals for our paper flower. Use the shape of a petal on your pink card flower to trace around onto some crepe paper. Now cut the petal from the crepe paper slightly smaller than the line you drew.

This is not critical. All flowers are different and so your flowers can be exactly how you want them to be. If you like, cut out petals of a different shapes for an interesting effect.

Cut out as many petals as you need for your flower. If you want more petal and want to layer them up. Then again, have fun experimenting. Instead of making a bunch of flowers, maybe make one super crazy flower of paper.
Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

Glue On Your Crepe Paper Petals

You can fold a small pleats or pinches at the bottom of each petal. This will make the petals look more realistic. Use the glue stick to attach the petal in the correct place on the pink cardboard flower background.

Glue all the petals down and let the glue dry a little while.
Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

Finishing Our Paper Flowers

Now we can simply finish our flower by cutting a small circle of card for the centre. Use a coin or something small and round from the kitchen to trace a circle on an orange piece of card or similar colour.

We want the centre circle to cover all the ends of the petals we glued. This makes our design neater.

You can just draw the circle, it really doesn't matter if it is a little bit wobbly. It makes your paper flowers more interesting.

Glue the card circle to the centre of your flower. Now we can just use some sticky tape to attach a green pipe cleaner to the back of the flower. This will be the stem.

Make a few paper flowers and display them in a vase, plant pot or maybe a clean jam jar. Try lots of different colours for different flowery effects.

What else can we do with our paper flowers? 
Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

Decorate Your Hair

Make pretty hair decorations with paper flowers. Get an adult to help you use a hot glue gun to attach your flowers to hair clips.
Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

Bright Greetings Cards

Put a smile on anyone's face with this wonderful home made flowery greetings card. You could also make tags for presents or name cards for parties.
Making Paper Flowers Is Lots of Fun

Fun Brooches and Jewellery

You can use paper flowers for lots of different things. Use them to decorate school books, bags, shoes, furniture, anything you can think of. You can even make fun jewellery like paper flower brooches.

Have fun making all sort of different shapes, colours and sizes of flowers made from paper. And sure you make your own studio on this website, so you can share your pictures with everyone else.
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