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Privacy Stuff, Good Isn't It?

Jun 24, 2024
Hello, my name's Daniel.

Privacy is important, I mean you don't go to the toilet with the door open do you?

And I can promise you, I personally, don't want to come and open the door on you, when you are at your most vulnerable. Oh dear, does this make any sense?

Anyway, I could have copied a lot of legal mumbo-bumbo (sorry, can't forget the toilet thing) from other websites. But, I thought it might be better to just be honest and try and explain what I am trying to achieve with the Society of Makers.

I want to create a happy, fun place for creative people to ask questions and, those more experienced, to share their knowledge, hints and tips. How exciting will it be, if over time, the Maker's Database becomes more and more complete and full of exciting knowledge, shares and fellow makers helping each other out.

So basically I want to maintain, that environment of creativity and support and I am sure rules will develop over time when idiots turn up. But in the meantime, put down your angry bog brushes as I promise not to share or sell any information about your behaviour on my website.

I hate all that corporate rubbish, it's so weird!

I am not really motivated by money. The thing that excites me is the thought of people enjoying using my website. So if you have any feedback please use the support form below or join my community page, (that I haven't actually made yet, but probably will have by the time you read this).

By the nature of our website, questions, knowledge and images you submit are for the general public to view and learn from. However, your email address is never shown, only the user name that you choose is shown.

I do not plan on sending out endless nagging emails, or letting anyone else do that to you. Your email address is only for logging in and recovering your account should you forget your password.

I want to be a family friendly website.

There is actually a system for vetting new content before it goes public. If you submit anything to my website, you may see it actually takes some time to show (not too long). This is to keep the public content as safe as possible. You can earn trust and get your submissions shown quicker.

Copyright or offensive content, obviously has to be removed. You can report such content on each page, look for the "report" button or again use the form on the support page.

All of these things are reasonable and obvious to the wonderfully creative and inspirational folks I hope to attract.

To all the others who want to use my website for nefarious means, go away, you are not welcome to use my toilet! Find another toilet somewhere else!

That didn't quite come across the way I wanted it to, but you get the point. Oh dear, should I really be writing these things, where are those corporate lawyers!

Thanks for reading,