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Make a Heart Motif T-Shirt for Fun

33 views  •  6 Nov 2023
Kids Craft Club
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Making A Heart Motif T-Shirt Is A Really Fun Fashion Project 

Anyone interested in fashion will love this simple sewing project. Embellishing and decorating t-shirts is a great way to start making your own clothes more personal and more fashionable.

You can, of course, add any motif you like to a t-shirt. But here we are going to add a heart shaped motif to our long sleeved t-shirt. With a simple design and some basic sewing you can really transform the look of your clothes, and not just t-shirts.

Here we also add some little buttons for an extra effect. But think about what other things you can sew on, like ribbons, patches or rick rack tape.

What We Need To Make A Heart Motif T-Shirt

  • 20cm or 8 inches square of fabric for the heart motif
  • 20cms or 8 inches square of fusible web
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Contrasting coloured embroidery thread
  • Needle and sewing threads
  • 5 small buttons
Make a Heart Motif T-Shirt for Fun

To Start Our Heart Motif T-shirt We Need A Template

Step One

Search the internet for a "heart shape template". Copy it, resize it to a size that will fit the front of your t-shirt. Then print it out. Or just draw a heart shape on a piece of paper. It doesn't matter if it is a bit wobbly, that is more unique.

Cut out the heart shape template.

Now take our piece of fabric we are going to use for the heart shape and ask an adult to help iron on some fusible web to the back of the fabric. Fusible web is like a sheet of fabric glue with a paper backing. Once the fusible web is ironed on, let it cool and leave the paper on it.

Now place your paper heart template on the fusible web paper backing and trace around it. 
Make a Heart Motif T-Shirt for Fun

Cut Out The Heart Shaped Motif

Step Two

Now we can cut out the heart shape we drew on the fusible web. Once the fabric heart shape is cut out, we can finally peel off the fusible web paper.

Now ask an adult again to help you iron the heart shape in position on the front of the t-shirt. 
Make a Heart Motif T-Shirt for Fun

Stitch Around The Heart Motif Shape

Step Three

Take your needle and thread it with some embroidery thread. It's fun to use embroidery thread that is a different colour to your motif or t-shirt. So it stands out.

Now we want to sew around the heart shaped motif with a blanket stitch.

A blanket stitch basically means you poke the needle from the front to the back, slightly inside the edge of the heart shape. Then you go at a diagonal, along one stitch, and come back out to the front, at the edge of the heart shape.

But before you go back into the front, you hook the hanging thread. When you pull the threads slightly tighter, you end up with a square type of stitch. This is called the blanket stitch.
Make a Heart Motif T-Shirt for Fun

Finish Making The Heart Motif T-Shirt

Step Four

Now we can use the regular sewing thread and sew on some buttons to our heart motif t-shirt. Arrange the buttons how you like and sew them on.

And there we have finished our simple heart motif t-shirt. A nice simple sewing project that really can change the look of any garment. Maybe sew a heart onto some jeans or a jacket or a bag.

What other shapes would you like to sew? Leave a comment down below.
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