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How To Make Stylish Heraldic Handmade Stationery

15 views  •  13 Mar 2023
Katie Isaacs
11 subscribers

What Is Better Than Getting A Love Letter On Heraldic Handmade Stationery

Heraldic basically refers to symbolic images. Usually for stately houses or families or something classically important. It is basically just a bold icon that is recognisable. But we can use it just for its beautiful symbology, that really stands out and makes a nice impression.

This heraldic handmade stationery project demonstrates using a single stamp to produce many effects. So let's dive in.

What We Need For Heraldic Handmade Stationery

  • Dark blue watercolour paints
  • Brown parcel paper
  • A nice notebook, postcard or notepaper
  • Gold paint
  • Dark blue paper
  • PVA glue

  • Plates
  • Paint roller or clean sponge
  • Diamond, fleur-de-lys and crown stamps
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Set square
  • Small paintbrushes
How To Make Stylish Heraldic Handmade Stationery

Starting Our Heraldic Handmade Stationery 

Step One

We need to spread our watercolour paint out. So get a plate. Pop in a small amount of paint and use the roller to spread it out so we can use it to print. We can use a sponge here if you don't have a roller.

Now press the diamond stamp into the paint and print a motif on some brown paper wrapping paper.

Step Two

Now once the little diamond print is dry, use a sharp knife and cut the shape out. But be careful. We want the left over piece after you cut the shape out. We are going to use this left over hole as a stencil. So try and cut close to the actual diamond print and don't cut off into the outside piece.

If you want a border you could cut slightly larger than the original diamond print.
How To Make Stylish Heraldic Handmade Stationery

Now We Have A Heraldic Stencil Shape

Step Three

So now we have our stencil that is exactly the right shape of our stamp. Take your notebook or whatever you want to decorate.

Now place the stencil where you want to decorate and use the paint roller to add a block of paint. Again you could use a sponge here, if you are careful. It's better to have less paint and build up layers.

Let the paint dry thoroughly.

Step Four

Now take another plate and pop on some gold paint. Spread the paint out again using a roller or sponge. Clean the diamond stamp. Then use it in the gold paint.  Stamp directly over the top of the first blue diamond shape. This will create an interesting layered effect.
How To Make Stylish Heraldic Handmade Stationery

More Heraldic Handmade Stationery Ideas

Step Five

Now, get your fleur-de-lys stamp and cut a rectangle of blue paper the same size as the stamp. Measure the rectangle you just cut and cut it in half, in the lengthways.

Now on one the blue strips we want to cut the centre piece away leaving just a nice blue border. You can see where this is going.

Step Six

Now select the item you want to decorate. Here I have a nice folder. Use a ruler if you need to find the centre of the folder cover. Use the fleur-de-lys stamp and actually print a dark blue fleur-de-lys in the centre of the folder cover.

Once dry, we can glue our cutout paper window effect directly over the top of the fleur-de-lys print. Line the cutouts up, so we can only see half of the fleur-de-lys.

Yep, you guessed it, we are going to print the other half on top to get a cool effect on our Heraldic handmade stationery.
How To Make Stylish Heraldic Handmade Stationery

Heraldic Handmade Stationery Is Getting Interesting

Step Seven

Now you guessed it. We want to cover the part of the fleur-de-lys we can see with a scrap of straight edged paper and then print a gold fleur-de-lys on the side where the dark blue paper is.

Carefully stamp a gold fleur-de-lys, making sure to align it correctly with the other blue half. 

Step Eight

Our final design idea. Now let's try something else. Find a postcard or another notebook and carefully print in centre a blue fleur-de-lys. Let this dry.

Now we can just use another scrap of brown paper to cover one half of the first print. Clean your stamp. Now using the gold paint, carefully line up the stamp in exactly the same spot as when you stamped the first time.

Overprint half of your first stamp, for another amazing two-tone, half and half stamping effect.
How To Make Stylish Heraldic Handmade Stationery

Heraldic Handmade Stationery Conclusion

Step Nine

Finally, maybe you want to make a fancy card and notepaper. Fold a smart piece of textured thin card. Now stamp a blue fleur-de-lys in the centre. Once dry, use the gold paint to paint a thin line slightly inside the stamped edge. Or add any other embellishment you like.

Now stamp a small gold crown at the top of smart white writing paper.

What a lovely project. Now you just need to write a lovely letter for a friend, loved one or family member with your new Heraldic Handmade Stationery.
How To Make Stylish Heraldic Handmade Stationery
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