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Make a Paper Heart Gift for Your Loved One

17 views  •  2 Mar 2023
Things Kids Can Make
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A Wonderful Paper Heart Gift for Valentine’s Day or Any Day Actually!

Tell that someone special in your life that you really love them.  Or make a wonderful gift for a friend or family member. This fun, decorative heart really is a lovely gift. Or just make a few of them and decorate your home.

Of course you don't need to make a paper heart gift. You could adapt the idea and make a fun gift in the shape of a new pet, a new home or just shapes for decorations like stars, Christmas trees or snowmen.

What do we need to make a paper heart gift?

  • Coloured cardboard
  • Tissue paper
  • Short length of ribbon or cord
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Coloured foil sweet wrappers or similar
  • Paper cutouts
  • Gem stones
  • Scissors
Make a Paper Heart Gift for Your Loved One

How To Make A Paper Heart Gift

Step One

First we need to cut out two shapes from the card. The red coloured card will be the top piece here and the white card will be the bottom piece or back.

Maybe make one shape first and then use this to trace around to copy the shape to the other piece of card.

You can print a heart shape template from the internet. Just search, heart shape template.
Make a Paper Heart Gift for Your Loved One

We Need To Layer The Paper Heart Shapes

Step Two

So the white heart shaped piece of card will be at the bottom or back for us here.

So now we can make a loop from some ribbon or you can use some string. Then tape the loop to the white card.

We will glue on top of this so the ends of the ribbon or string will be hidden. This makes our finished paper heart gift look really neat and tidy. 
Make a Paper Heart Gift for Your Loved One

Continue Making The Tissue Heart Shapes

Step Three

Now we need to cut larger heart shapes from the tissue paper. These will create a pretty frilly effect around our paper heart gift design. Choose colours you think will compliment each other.

Cut four larger heart shapes from the tissue paper.

Now we can start assembling our paper heart sandwich. Lay down your white heart shape with the ribbon loop face up. Apply glue to the top side of the white heart. Then glue down, on top, one piece of tissue paper at a time. Press down and flatten the tissue paper.

Continue applying glue and sticking the next tissue paper heart on top. Keep gently flattening the layers. Stick all the layers of tissue paper down in the same way.

Finally stick on the red cardboard heart on top, and press all the layers firmly flat.
Make a Paper Heart Gift for Your Loved One

Decorate The Paper Heart Gift

Step Four

Now we can decorate, hooray!!

Let the glue dry so all the layers are firmly stuck together. You can add even more cardboard hearts if you want to create a really chunky heart design.

You can decorate both sides or just the front depending on how you want people to see your design.

Use pieces of coloured foil, paper cutouts, gems and anything else you like to decorate the design.
Make a Paper Heart Gift for Your Loved One

Make A Frilly Edge To Our Homemade Heart

Step Five

Finally to finish our paper heart gift, we simply just need to snip through all the layers of tissue paper around the edge. Be careful and take your time.

Snip, through all four layers at once and then make snips around the edge at equal distances apart. These snips will make a fringe around the edge or your paper heart gift.

Now you have a frilly edge you can ruffle the frills up as much as you like to make a really fun frilly edge to your paper hear gift.

Well done, what a great make for kids.

Think about making Christmas or Halloween or party decorations. Make name tags, gift labels, picture frames or anything you like used this effect.
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