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Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

34 views  •  22 Apr 2023
Things Kids Can Make
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Make a Fun Sock Snowman Christmas Decoration

Christmas really is the time to do loads of fun crafting projects. And this sock snowman Christmas decoration is a bit different from the usual paper snowflakes and paper chains.

How about making some really fun, and very realistic, sock snowmen decorations from some white socks.

Loads of fun and quite easy to make. Have a go at making your snowmen, but please wash your socks first, lol!

What do we need to make a sock snowman decoration?

  • White sock
  • Scrap of white felt
  • Polyester toy filling
  • White sewing thread
  • Scraps of orange and black felt
  • Stripped sock
  • Scraps of knitting yarn
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Knitting needles
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Cut The Sock To Start The Snowman

Step One

First we need to cut off the bend from our white sock. So cut off the heel and top piece of the sock.

Cut across the sock, just below the heel. This will leave us with a little tube of sock where the toes would have gone.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Make The Base Of The Sock Snowman

Step Two

Now we can cut a circle from the white felt or sewing interlacing (if you know what that is). This circle needs to be around 6cms wide or 2 and a half inches wide.

This circle does not strictly have to be felt, we could actually use card. We are going to push this circle inside the sock and all the way to the toe end. This will be the base of our snowman model decoration.

So cut your circle and push it into the end of the sock. Then add in some toy stuffing.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Make A Sock Snowman Head

Step Three

Once you have enough toy stuffing in for the first part. We now need to thread our needle with two strands of the white thread. Tie a knot in the end and start sewing a running stitch. A running stitch is when you sew in and out of the sock.

This running stitch should be about 9cms or 3 and a half inches from the base where we put the circle.

We are going to pull this stitch in, to be the sock snowman neck.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Sew Up The Sock Snowman

Step Four

Continue sewing your running stitch all around the sock. Then gently pull it in and start to gather the fabric up together. This is going to be our sock snowman neck.

Once the neck is made fix the end of the thread by sewing a knot. Ask an adult for help with the sewing if you are finding it fiddly.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Fill The Sock Snowman With More Stuffing

Step Five

Now we have a snowman neck.

Stuff more toy filler into the next part. This is going to be the head. Once you have enough stuffing, do another running stitch again at the open end of the sock.

Again, after you have sewn a running stitch all the way around. Gently pull the thread to gather the fabric together. Tie the thread off again when it is all gathered.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Add Some Details To Our Funny Sock Animal

Step Six

What's next?

Cut a piece of orange felt that looks like a quarter of a circle. This is going to be the sock snowman nose.

Roll this piece up to form a pointy carrot nose for our snowman.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Make Some Eyes For Our Snowman Decoration

Step Seven

Stitch the nose in place. You can use fabric glue if you have that. If gluing hold the nose in place until the glue is set.

Then we just need some small circles of black felt for buttons, eyes and a mouth. Glue or sew these pieces on.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

How To Make A Hat For Our Snowman Decoration

Step Eight

Now we can make a funny sock snowman hat. To make the hat we need a striped sock. Cut off the top of the sock where your ankle would be.

Cut about 8cms or 3 and three quarter inches from the top of the striped sock. Now the edge where we cut, needs to be neatened up a bit.

The cut edge needs to be folded over slightly. Then we can use another running stitch all the way around. Once we have sewn all the way around. Gently pull the thread again, to gather the fabric together. This bit will actually be the top of our sock snowman's hat.

Once all the fabric is gathered, tie off the thread again. 
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock

Finish Making A Sock Snowman Decoration

Step Nine

Finally, we need to make our sock snowman look extra fancy. So we give them a little scarf. If you know how to knit, cast on four stitches and start knitting until you have a little scarf that is about 20cms long or 8 inches long. Then cast off. As an adult if they know how to knit.

If you don't know how to knit, you can make a cute little scarf from some thick ribbons.

And there we go, our fun sock snowman is alive and ready to sit amongst our other Christmas decorations.

To save time, why not make more than one sock snowmen at once.
Make a Funny Sock Snowman From a Sock
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