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Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture

19 views  •  16 Jul 2023
Kids Craft Club
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Make Dolls House Furniture, It's Fun!

Even if you don't have a dolls house, you can still make this furniture. Maybe you can make a little shoe box room or just play in the corner of your bedroom or living room. This fun little furniture is easy to make and once you get the idea, you can adapt it to make all sort of different furniture for your dolls or little characters.

Maybe you can imagine that one of your little characters is actually making the furniture. That would be funny. 

What we need to make dolls house furniture

  • 4 small empty matchboxes
  • Glue
  • 2 different shades of paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun (supervised by an adult)
  • 4 beads for feet
  • 4 small clear beads for knobs
Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture
Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture

Let's Make Dolls House Furniture

Step One

First we are going to stick our matchboxes together. Use some glue between each matchbox and carefully stick them all together. Take your time and carefully hold them in position for a little while until you feel the glue has started to stick.
Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture

Start Painting Our Dolls House Furniture

Step Two

Once the glue is all dry, we can do some painting. Paint the outside of the matchboxes, and make sure to carefully paint along the edges of the fronts. Let the paint dry. If you can still see some of the original matchbox design coming through the paint, then paint the matchboxes again.

Let all the paint dry thoroughly.
Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture

Start Painting The Drawers Of Our Dolls House Furniture

Step Three

Now we can paint the four drawers. It is nice to paint these a different colour. It adds some interest to your dolls house bedside table. But this is your dolls house furniture, you can paint it how you like.

Paint all the drawers and let the paint dry. Again, apply a second coat if you feel it needs it.
Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture

Finish The Make Dolls House Furniture Project

Step Four

Finally our little bedside table needs some feet and some handles. You can ask an adult to help glue these on with a hot glue gun or take your time and use white glue. If you use white glue, just hold the pieces in place until the glue starts to dry.

So finally, glue on the four beads you are using as feet. Then glue on the four beads you are using as handles of the drawers.


This basic idea of how to make dolls house furniture can now be adapted to make other furniture for your dolls and action figures.

Matchboxes come in different sizes, so think of what other things we could make?
Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture

Other Dolls House Furniture Ideas

With a larger matchboxes we can make a dolls house wardrobe. This time stick the feet to one end of the large matchbox. Ask an adult to help cut down one side of the matchbox for the dolls house wardrobe doors. Stick your handles on these doors.
Easy Way to Make Dolls House Furniture

How To Make A Dolls House Bed

A large matchbox can also be used to make a dolls house bed. Glue the feet to the bottom of the large matchbox and then use lollipop sticks to make a headboard. Use pretty origami paper or maybe old wrapping paper to make fun bedding for your dolls house bed.

We would love to see what you make. Take some pictures and add then to your own studio. Then comment down below here with your studio name. Then we can search your name and see your pictures.

Learn to make dolls house furniture, and set your imagination free.
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