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YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

44 views  •  23 Apr 2023

Why We All Love The Wicked Makers

When we spend time watching the Wicked Makers YouTube channel, we are visiting the spooky world of Jaimie and Jay. And what a world it is.

The theme of the channel is horror for kids, or family friendly nightmare props or absolutely terrifying zombies for babies or basically, nightmare fuel for scaredy cats like me. If scaring us is the purpose of this channel, they are experts at this! However, it's not just children who can't get enough of the Wicked Makers creepy creations. I do suspect there are plenty of adults who like watching their content too. Because it is just so darn good, all around.

I do worry though, for anyone who has to stay around their house and then go for a pee in the middle of the night. As zombie after monster spider after creepy scarecrow are going to jump out at them in the hallways. Then as you are peeing, you will turn your head and see, through the darkness, behind the shower curtain, a skeleton drinking wine through its bones and cackling and probably pointing right at you. EEEeewwwww!!!! This channel is scary!!!
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

The Wicked Makers Are Wicked Successful

One thing is for sure, my son and I absolutely cannot get enough of the Wicked Makers. We religiously watch their videos over and over and have told everyone we know about them. They have been around for several years now and are slowly climbed to a whopping and well-deserved nearly half a million subscribers. And now, with a number of videos over the million mark, the Wicked Makers are well and truly chopping off heads with the big boys.

We join them in their video, “Making a Giant Spider! DIY Halloween Props”. With Jay exclaiming he hates spiders and the look on Jaimie’s face is priceless. We’re chuckling already. And one second into this video, and you basically have the answer to why this dynamic duo are so successful.
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

The Wicked Makers, Every Zombies Favourite Aunt And Uncle

I’m going to say it. I’m pretty sure everyone watching the Wicked Makers is thinking the same thing. We all want Jaimie and Jay be our mad, crazy, cool aunt and uncle. I know my son keeps asking me strange questions like, “Where do they live?”, “How far away is that?”, “Do they want another son?”. I hope he’s joking. So I try and make a spider out of old toilet roll tubes, but it’s not quite the same.

This power couple are so adorable, you just want to hug them and squeeze them. But then their eyes would probably turn red and pop out, and an animatronic zombie, flesh eating scarecrow would probably slap me in the face and pop me in a coffin with a skeleton. That would be my worst nightmare but for these two, it would make a good video!

Please adopt me!
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

They Are Literally Making a Giant Spider! On Purpose! MAD!

This is such a great channel. They seem to have so effortlessly bottled “fun” into ten minutes, that the appeal is vast. I love watching their energy and enthusiasm and the little ones seem so excited to see the monsters, that frankly I just find terrifying. It does make you wonder if they are professional prop designers turned YouTubers. No one is this good at making terrifying things and still so normal and lovely and friendly at the same time!

So we rejoin the video with some spidey references and then the build begins. I have watched this video maybe a million times myself and I just can't get over their infectious fun chemistry. There’s another idea for a video. An infectious fun chemistry teacher from spooky high. Of all the channels I am going to review, I think this gruesome twosome best represent that casual, goofy, fun, bumbling presentation technique that really belies the monumental skills and knowledge you need to make these builds.

The things they make are not super easy to reproduce for the average person. They are definitely gifted in the horror prop niche.
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

Wicked Makers Take Wickedness To A New Level

So the horror channel theme is clever. But we really would watch Jaimie and Jay doing just about anything. Maybe they have other channels where they do normal things like make cakes. Although, now I come to think about it, I'm sure their cake would be covered in fake blood and guts and have a zombies face sticking out of it and be absolutely terrifying in the dark, lit by candles. AND, it would probably taste delicious! Oh, some people are just amazing at everything.

And I love that we get to see how amazing these two are together. My son would probably face plant that cake and scoff it down. I suppose I could eat a chunk with my eyes closed, if you're forcing me :) There’s another idea for a video. Horror zombie cake make in a creepy kitchen. Maybe get all them local kids and have a massive horror food fight. My son is putting his t-shirts into a little suitcase, I wonder what that means?

We continue with the monstrous, huge, terrifying spider we are building for FUN, for some reason. And I’m not sure why these two are smiling so much. Have they not realised they are going to have to live with this thing, somewhere in their house?
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

The Wicked Makers Make Spooky Fun

My son now wants an eight foot killer spider and I ask, “Where would we put it?” He suggest hanging it from the ceiling above my bed, would be a good permanently home for it. So thanks for that Wicked Makers. Can you maybe make a video where you are NOT brilliant at everything?

I am joking of course. These types of videos are like gold dust to the younger generation and the Wicked Makers take it to another level with the horror theme. I cannot imagine what Halloween is like round their house? They probably need containers of sweeties for the million kids that line up down the block and all the way through their town.

We continue on with the video. Jaimie is entirely far too happy for someone, deliberating building someone’s nightmare. Maybe she has a neighbour she doesn’t like and simply pops all these props over the fence when she’s done. But even I have started to loosens my vice-like grip on my son's leg and have started to really enjoy the process.
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

Gertie The Horrific Monster Spider Is Born

A bit of spraying of foam later and BAM! Now we are naming the monster. Jaimie names the creature from hell as Gertie, typical. Now I’m going to want one. We continue with dirty Gertie from number thirty and start shaving her down. Can you imagine them explaining this to someone who doesn’t know they have an unbelievably successful YouTube channel.

“Yeh, just shaving my eight foot spider with my husband”. They'd both be dragged off to a padded cell for two and rot away into zombie corpse makers. Hey maybe that's another video right there.

The spider is continuing to grow. Oohhh!! And at this point I start appreciating the huge amount of effort these crazy couple put into their videos. It’s one thing to have an idea, another to research it all, another to start, another to keep going, another to finish… and then they have to edit it all up into a colourful and fun video. So thank you Wicked Makers for all your efforts, it is really appreciated by millions of ankle biters (as we call children in the UK). But also by just as many adults, I suspect, who want to build fun things for their own little monsters.
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

The Wicked Makers Team Are Wonderful

Jay continue with more of the structural pieces of the blooming too huge spider. Like any normal person he hates spiders, but then like any non-normal person he is determined that his eight foot spider is super realistic for his back garden.

This channel would not work without both their personalities. Jaimie gets more air time. But she is just so charming, that she could tell you she had to chop off both your legs for an electric chair project she is building. And you’d be like “Great, can I watch!”.

But I feel Jay needs a special mention. My son loves Jay. His calm and jokey demeanor. Smart and funny and probably has a plan to take over the world at some point with a remote controlled robot with laser beam eyes. There’s another video idea there. Jay, you’re a rock.

My son's putting his coat on, I’m not sure what this means.
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

The Wicked Makers Should Be On TV

My son is now asking me “What’s the quickest way to the airport?”. I finally give in and say "I’ll come with you. If we’re lucky they’ll let us both stay in their haunted shed full of cobwebs, maybe they will adopt us both."

It is hard to come to a conclusion about the Wicked Makers because there's one thing I want to say but then I will contradict myself. Ok I’ll say it anyway. The Wicked Makers are probably too good to be on YouTube. There wonderful personalities, the high production values and fantastic builds that really appeal to their core audience. They really should be on TV somewhere.

But then we would not have been able to see them and spend time in their crazy, spooky world. If you get a TV deal Wicked Makers, please, please, please don’t leave YouTube. My son won't forgive me and were only halfway through this eight foot, bedroom spider.
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!

The Wicked Makers YouTube Channel Review Conclusion

In my opinion, The Wicked Makers is what is best about modern YouTube. I don’t think the makers of YouTube could have ever conceived that people would add content of this quality. But here we are. TV quality entertainment on YouTube. And all for free.

Just fantastic fun, a fantastic channel and a fantastic couple. Long may the Wicked Makers reign over the spooky genre.

Thanks for reading my review, please leave a comment below.

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YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!
YouTube Channel Wicked Makers Review. Please Adopt Me, Already!
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