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Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids

14 views  •  22 Feb 2023
Kids Craft Ideas
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Clay Modelling Is Always A Favourite Of Everyone

Clay modelling is always fun and your children will love it. Clay can be used to make so many things. From jewellery to trinkets to alphabet letters to crazy fridge magnets. Clay is easy to manipulate and mold.

Use funky cookie cutters and rolling pins to shape your modelling clay into fun creations. Once dry, the clay can be painted to add even more details and colours.

Tools We Need For Modelling Clay

  • Air drying modelling clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Assorted cookie cutters
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Sequins
  • Self adhesive magnets
  • Ribbons
Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids

How Do We Start With Modelling Clay?

First we take the clay out of the packaging. Slowly start to roll it around in your hands. The warmth from your hand will help to soften it slightly so we can start squishing it into a ball.

When the modelling clay has softened up a bit, place it on the worktop. Now roll it out with the rolling pin.

Small items can be rolled to about 0.5cm thickness. If you want to make something a bit larger roll the clay out to 0.8cm thickness.
Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids

Time To Cut Out The Clay

Cookie cutters come in hundreds of different shapes. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the clay, just like you were making, well, cookies.

Cut a few shapes, then carefully remove the excess clay from around the edges, leaving the shapes. Put the left over clay back in its package. You can lift the cut out shapes from the work surface with a flat spatula.

Place the clay shapes on to a tray and allow them to dry naturally. When the shapes look dry, gently lift them and turn them over and let them dry some more. 
Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids

Paint Your Modelling Clay Shapes

Now we can find some bright colours and simply start painting our modelling shapes. You may need a few layers of paint to build up the colours.

Make sure to allow the paint to dry before each layer. If you want to use pale colours, you will need more layers because the modelling clay is dark.
Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids

How To Finish Our Modelling Clay Shapes

Now we can finish decorating our modelling clay shapes however you like. Use a small amount of glue to attach sequins or glitter or other clay shapes to the first clay shape.

Finally, it is fun to stick self adhesive magnets to the back of our clay shapes. Then we can stick them to the fridge and let everyone enjoy looking at them.

What other things can we make from clay?
Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids

More Modelling Clay Ideas

Why not make some fun letters for your bedroom door. This can be really fun. You can find cookie cutters in the shapes of letters.

Spell your name or make another funny word. Make clay letters as a lovely gift for a friend or family member or newborn baby.

You don't have to just decorate your door. Maybe decorate your walls or toy boxes or other furniture.
Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids
Why not make some fun, colourful jewellery. Simple brooches can add colour to any outfit. Or maybe a heart shaped necklace as a gift for a friend.
Modelling Clay Magnets for Clever Kids

Modelling Clay Conclusions

You can make so many things with modelling clay. Take some time and let your imagination run wild. Make sure to keep your left overs wrapped in plastic and you will have hours of fun making all sort of crazy things out of clay.
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