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Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

17 views  •  29 Jan 2023
Kids Craft Ideas
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Painted Stones Are a Great Way to Inspire

Painted stone are actually much more useful than you might imagine. Doorstops, bookends, paperweights, jewellery and even little trinkets and novelties.

A budget painting technique that could lead anywhere. Find that one weird shaped stone and let their imaginations run wild.

But remember to check if it is ok to remove a stone from the wild. Certain beaches, for example, frown on your taking stones home. So just check it is ok first.

What Do We Need to Make Our Painted Stone Frog?

  • Paints
  • Saucer to hold the paint
  • One large stone for the body
  • Two little stones for the eyes
  • Two flatter stones for the feet
  • Stone glue or a hot glue gun
Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

How To Make A Painted Rock Character

Step One

Put down some old newspaper or similar to keep your work area clean.

The larger stone is going to be the body. So start painting it green or whatever colour you want your frog to be. Let your frog body dry. If you feel your new froggy friends needs another coat of paint, then paint them up again and let it dry again.

If you want your stone painted on all side, it might be best to paint underneath first and let it dry and then paint the top. If you try and paint it all in one go, you might smudge one side.
Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

Continue Painting Your Stone To Create A Character

Step Two

Our painted stone froggy is coming alive. Pick a different colour paint and start painting some spots all over the froggy body.

If you want special spots or stars or something different. You could actually use a pencil to draw on your stone first. Then use a smaller paintbrush to carefully paint in your pencil drawings.

Now we want our painted stone frog to smile. Use a pencil to sketch in where the mouth is going. Or if you are more confident, just use a smaller paint brush with some white paint and paint a big curved smile. Don't forget to add little lines at the end of the curved frog's mouth. 
Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

Add More Details To Your Painted Rock Character

Step Three

Paint the eyes and the little legs. Paint the small round stones the same colour as the body. Let dry, then add some white paint for the eyes. Let dry and then add the black pupils for the eyes.

You can paint it all in one go without letting it dry, but it's a bit more messy. But, that's ok. Maybe you are making a messy painted stone froggie.

Paint the flatter stones the same body colour and maybe add a spot or two. These will be the feet.
Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

Final Assembly Of Our Painted Rock Character

Step Four

Now we just need to assemble our painted stone frog creature. Use strong glue to fix the frog's eyes in place. And then add the flat feet at the front of the body.

And there you have your first painted stone creature. Yours, of course, will look completely different because no two stones are alike. And that is the fun thing about this project. Find an interesting stone and it might inspire you to make a really interesting character or creation.
Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

Painted Friendship Stones

Of course, you don't need to just make painted stone characters. You can just decorate stones to look interesting or pretty. Maybe don't cover the stone completely so you can see part of it underneath.

Maybe make matching stones for all your friends and start a little painted stone club.
Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

Funny Frog Bookends

Encourage reading by letting your child make some funny frog bookends.

But again, make sure you have permission to remove any stones you find in the wild. Some beaches for example don't like you to take the stones home.
Painted Stones Are Fun to Make

Ladybird Paperweights Painted Stones

Create a little group of characters for your desk. Make them all match or make them all different. Stimulate your imagination and go wild creating these fun little stone characters.
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