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Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

19 views  •  4 Feb 2023
Sandy Lane
10 subscribers

Simple Wall Hangings Are So Popular Right Now, Stitched Flower Collage

Flower wall hangings and simple, colourful images in smart frames as so popular right now. Home decoration doesn't have to be expensive and really can brighten up your home or living space.

But even though there are some cheap wall hanging available online, we don't need to just buy some mass produced images.

We can make our own designer wall hanging images. Frankly it will probably be cheaper, you can have exactly what you want and they will definitely be unique.

So pull out your scrap drawer and let's make some pretty stitched flower collages.

What Do We Need to Make a Stitched Flower Collage?

  • Basic papercraft tools
  • Mulberry paper, purple and green, 7.5 x 8cms or 3 inches x 7 inches
  • Card, light purple, 15 x 20cms or 7 and three quarter x 10 inches
  • Thread, purple and green
  • Glue stick
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing needle
  • Picture frame
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Homemade Wall Hanging Paper Flower Art

Step One

Mulberry paper is like a ticker paper made from plant fibres and can include flower parts and petals actually in the paper. You could make this with tissue paper or other papers. But natural pretty papers will make all the difference.

Cut four long stems from the Mulberry paper. Arrange them on the light purple card in a pleasing design. Overlapping some of the stems can look more natural. But this is your stitched flower collage design. So take some time to move your layout around and find a nice design.

Now use the glue stick to glue down the stems to the card background. Normal white glue may be too wet and make the paper just roll up.
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Continue Making Your Flower Wall Art

Step Two

Thread your sewing machine with the green thread and set it to a running straight stitch, medium to large size.

Card will act very differently in your sewing than fabric does. So practise on a scrap piece first.

When ready, put the card under the sewing machine foot and carefully insert the needle into the top of the stem. Carefully stitch all along the stems.
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Simple, Neat Sewn Wall Art Designs Are Effective

Step Three

Remove the card from the sewing machine.

Thread the loose ends of the green thread on to a sewing needle. Then pull the thread through the card so all the thread ends are on the back side of the card.

On the back side of the card, tape the ends of the threads to secure them. Then cut off any excess thread.
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Add Petal To Our Wall Art Flowers

Step Four

We now use the purple Mulberry paper to create petals for the flowers of our stitched flower collage. Cut out the petal sections, here we are making carnation flowers. Freehand some random shapes for best effect. Arrange them to create a pleasing design.

Once you are happy with the design, use the glue stick to glue down the petals.
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Sewn Flowers Are A Great Project For Children

Step Five

Now we thread the sewing machine with the purple thread and leave the stitch settings the same. Try and sew slowly and carefully.

Sew through the flowers. We want to create a radiating fan thread shape from the flower's centre. Twist and turn the card to sew back over the thread, going out and back to the centre to create the fan shape.

You can repeat this if you feel a heavier thread look would be more pleasing. There really are no rules when it comes to creating a stitched flower collage. 
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Continue Making The Petals Look Neat 

Step Six

Again, we want to move the stray thread pieces to the back of the card.

So once, finished with sewing the flowers, remove the card from the sewing machine. Thread the loose ends onto the sewing needle and thread and pull the loose ends to the back of the card.
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Completing The Sewn Flower Wall Art

Step Seven

Finally, finish taping the threads you have just pulled through and cut off any excess thread.

Mount our new stitched flower collage creation onto some dark purple card and put your finished collage into a nice picture frame.
Make a Pretty Stitched Flower Collage

Stitched Flower Collage Conclusion

Luckily I have found out over time, that simple designs looks almost more classy and sophisticated. Tailor to your stitched flower collage colours to match those of your interiors to really bring a room together.

Such a simple effect, that can have a huge impact.
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