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Super Cozy Felt Swallow Cushion

26 views  •  14 Dec 2023
Ms Felt
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How To Make A Felt Swallow Cushion

A "felt swallow cushion" is a remarkable and imaginative creation that combines the comfort of a plush pillow with the charm of nature-inspired design. Crafted from soft, high-quality felt fabric, this cushion takes the shape of a graceful swallow bird, complete with intricate detailing that mimics the bird's elegant feathers and distinctive beak.

The result is a delightful piece of home decor that not only provides a soft and supportive resting place for your head or back but also adds a touch of whimsy and sophistication to any living space. Its unique design makes it a conversation starter, and its cozy embrace makes it the perfect addition to your couch, bed, or favorite reading nook.

The felt swallow cushion is a true testament to the fusion of art and comfort, making it an absolute must-have for those seeking both style and relaxation in their home decor.

Materials You Will Need To Make A Felt Swallow Cushion

  • 2 squares of pale blue woven felt, each measuring 41.5cm (16 1/4in)
  • 4 pieces of pale blue woven felt, each measuring 11.5 x 41.5cm (4 1/2 x 16 1/4in)
  • 1 piece of mauve woven felt, measuring 21 x 63cm (8 1/4 x 24 3/4in)
  • 1 stiff foam square, measuring 40cm (15 3/4in) and 10cm (4in) thick
  • Kapok stuffing
  • Pale blue perle cotton
  • Pale blue sewing thread
  • Sewing needle and needle for use with perle cotton
  • No.8 quilting needle, 18cm (7in) in length
  • Pins
  • 5 metal button blanks, each 23mm (15/16in) in diameter
  • Soft (2B) pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Bristol board
  • Water-soluble fabric pen
  • Embroidery scissors and paper scissors
Super Cozy Felt Swallow Cushion
Super Cozy Felt Swallow Cushion

Start Making The Felt Swallow Cushion

Step One — Prepare The Covers For The Felt Swallow Cushion

Take one square of pale blue felt and pin a pale blue felt rectangle along each of its sides, spacing pins about 5cm (2in) apart.

Use pale blue perle cotton to sew around the four sides of the square with a blanket stitch, making stitches 5mm (3/16in) deep and 5mm (3/16in) apart. Repeat the process for the four edges.

Step Two — Make The Swallows

Enlarge the swallow template by the amount you like. Trace the template and transfer the outline onto Bristol board, then cut it out.

Using a fabric pen, draw the swallow shape three times on the reverse side of the mauve felt and cut out the shapes with embroidery scissors. Pin the bird shapes onto the square prepared in step 1 using the diagram as a guide.

Use sewing thread to sew them onto the felt with a small running stitch. Turn the work over and make a small slit in the blue felt under each swallow.

Fill the swallows with a bit of kapok stuffing through this hole using a quilting needle to get it into the corners, then close up the hole with small stitches.
Super Cozy Felt Swallow Cushion

Finish Make The Felt Swallow Cushions

Step Three — Assemble The Covers

Place the felt square with the swallow motifs over the foam cushion. Take the remaining square of blue felt and pin it around the four sides to complete the cushion cover.

Use pale blue perle cotton to work blanket stitch all the way around the edges, following the method described in step 1.

Step Four — Make And Attach The Buttons

Using the diagram as a guide, insert five pins to mark where the buttons will go. Cover the buttons with mauve felt, following the kit instructions.

Thread 30cm (12in) of perle cotton onto a quilting needle. Next to one of the pins, thread the needle through from the top of the cushion, right through the foam, leaving 10cm (4in) of thread at the surface.

Insert the needle 2mm (3/32in) from the exit hole, go back through the foam, and come out on top of the cushion again. Remove the needle, thread on a button, and tie a tight knot. Trim the excess thread.

Repeat this process for the remaining four buttons.
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