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Turn Felt into a Stunning Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

25 views  •  12 Sep 2023
Ms Felt
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How To Make A Felt Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

Creating a felt cuckoo clock wall hanging is a delightful and crafty endeavor that combines the charm of a traditional timepiece with the whimsy of handmade art. To embark on this creative journey, one starts by selecting a soft, vibrant felt fabric as the canvas for their masterpiece. After sketching the iconic cuckoo clock design, one meticulously cuts out the intricate details, from the delicate wooden beams to the tiny pendulum. Assembling the pieces with precision, they carefully stitch the components together, adding depth and texture with embroidery thread.

To infuse a touch of authenticity, a miniature felt cuckoo bird is crafted to peek out from its cozy hideaway. The finishing touches involve adding the clock's numerals and hands, resulting in a charming and tactile piece of wall decor that exudes both nostalgia and the warmth of handcrafted artistry. Hanging it proudly on the wall, the felt cuckoo clock becomes a whimsical reminder of the joy that can be found in the art of crafting.

Materials Needed To Make A Cuckoo Clock Wall hanging

  • 40 x 21cm (15 5/8 x 8 1/4in) synthetic felt in red
  • 40 x 28cm (15 5/8 x 11in) synthetic felt in maroon
  • 40 x 15cm (15 5/8 x 6in) woven felt in dark brown
  • 10cm (4in) square synthetic felt in taupe
  • 10cm (4in) square synthetic felt in light brown
  • 40 x 28cm (15 5/8 x 11in) heavyweight iron-on fabric
  • 40cm (15 5/8in) square lightweight iron-on fabric
  • 70cm (27 1/2in) two-tone ricrac braid in red and bronze
  • 26cm (10 3/16in) braid in red and white
  • 1 large and 2 small heart-shaped buttons
  • 3 copper-colored mother-of-pearl beads
  • 22 assorted charms and 2 miniature clogs
  • 1 D-ring picture hanger
  • Thread matching your felt
  • Sewing needle
  • Pins
  • Kapok stuffing
  • White glue
  • Fine-tipped paintbrush
  • Soft (2B) pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Ruler
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Iron
Turn Felt into a Stunning Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging
Turn Felt into a Stunning Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging
Turn Felt into a Stunning Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging
Turn Felt into a Stunning Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

Start Making The Felt Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

Step One — Cut Out The Motifs

Enlarge all the templates for the cuckoo clock motifs to the size you want. Iron heavyweight iron-on fabric onto the maroon felt and lightweight iron-on fabric onto all other synthetic felt pieces and the reverse of the dark brown woven felt.

Use tracing paper to transfer the motifs onto the iron-on fabric, following the colors as shown in the diagrams. Create two mirrored image squirrels. Cut out all the motifs.

Step Two — Assemble The Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

Refer to the diagram for guidance. Start by attaching the dark brown roof (A) to the maroon middle section (B) using a running stitch along the straight edge. Use the same stitch to attach the red felt base of the cuckoo clock (D) to the bottom of the maroon felt (B).

Attach the ricrac braid over the join between the red and maroon felts using invisible stitches.
Turn Felt into a Stunning Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

Finish Making Our Felt Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

Step Three — Add The Motifs

Apply glue to the two squirrels and place them in the center of the Christmas tree (C). Use a small running stitch to secure each squirrel. Attach ricrac braid along the edge of the felt below the squirrels using invisible stitching, folding the ends of the braid to the back of the red felt.

Sew on three heart-shaped buttons. Apply glue to the red Christmas tree and position it under the roof as shown in the diagram. Sew a couple of invisible stitches at the end of each branch to secure.

Attach the edelweiss to the center of piece D using the three copper-colored mother-of-pearl beads. To attach the three leaves, sew a running stitch for approximately 1.5cm (5/8in) along the center of each leaf.

Step Four — Decorate The Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging

Spread out the charms evenly over the middle section of the cuckoo clock and sew them on. Sew the two miniature clogs under the edelweiss. Enlarge the heart template by 200%, trace it, and copy it four times in maroon felt. Cut them out.

Trace and cut out two smaller hearts in red felt. Sew a small red heart onto a maroon heart using small stitches. Cut a 10cm (4in) length and a 16cm (6 1/4in) length of red and white braid.

Sew one end of each length of braid onto the reverse of a decorated heart. Pin each decorated heart onto a blank heart and sew them together using blanket stitch. Before finishing, add a bit of kapok stuffing inside the heart and complete the blanket stitching.

Attach the other ends of the braids to the reverse of the cuckoo clock at the bottom, each side of the point. Position the D-ring, which you will use to hang up your cuckoo clock, on the fabric. Make a mark on the reverse, 4cm (1 1/2in) down from the top of the cuckoo clock wall hanging. Measure the width at this point to determine the exact center. Attach the ring with a couple of stitches.

We hope you enjoyed making the felt cuckoo clock wall hanging. What a lovely thing to keep and bring our each year on special occasions.
Turn Felt into a Stunning Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging
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