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Homemade Green Clay Mask For Cleansing The Skin

27 views  •  12 Sep 2023
Natural Skin Care
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A Wonderful Green Clay Mask For Our Skin

When you make this green clay mask, we are actually mixing up a very small quantity. Measuring the parts out can be quite difficult so it is recommended to use measuring spoons instead of scales for this one.

Making face masks at home is one of the joys of life. Often for me it can be an impulse thing. Something good is coming on the tv later, a nice dinner with hubbie and a cuddle later.

When you make a clay mask with water, they dry out very quickly in our warm homes and on our warm skin. This is why it is not very practical to try and store them. This recipe makes just one mask and you can change and adapt it for your skin type. Keep the quantities the same but just change the essential oils, type of clay and infusion depending on your preferences.

Sometimes a cleanser is just not good enough and hence we use a mask. The juniper and lavender oils are actually antiseptic and can be decongesting. Aloe Vera again will of course help with inflamed skin as we all know from those holidays where we got a bit sunburnt. Green clay is suitable for all skin types and is excellent at pulling out dirt from the pores of your skin. The green clay also has a wonderful soothing effect.

Apply the green clay mask and leave it for 20 minutes. Go and relax and let the mask work its rejuvenating magic.

Green Clay Mask Ingredients

  • 2 teaspoons or 10ml of lavender water 
  • half a teaspoon or 2.5ml of Aloe Vera concentrate
  • 1 teaspoon or 5ml of green clay
  • 1 drop juniper essential oil
  • 1 drop lavender essential oil


  • Glass bowl for mixing
  • Spoon
Homemade Green Clay Mask For Cleansing The Skin

Let's Start Making Our Green Clay Mask

Step One

Take your small bowl and add in the Aloe Vera and the lavender water or infusion.
Homemade Green Clay Mask For Cleansing The Skin

Add The Green Clay For Our Green Clay Mask

Step Two

Now we can take our green clay power and add it to the glass bowl. Use the end of the spoon to carefully and slowly combine the green clay powder into the liquid. Keep stirring until you create a paste. 
Homemade Green Clay Mask For Cleansing The Skin

Get The Green Clay Mask To A Good Consistency

Step Three

If you find you are feeling your mask is a little too runny, this is ok. Simply add in more of the green clay power and mix it in again thoroughly. Alternatively, if the paste is too stiff and dry add in more lavender water.

We want to end up with a consistency that easily rubs into the skin.
Homemade Green Clay Mask For Cleansing The Skin

Finish Making Our Green Clay Mask

Step Four

Finally, all we need to do is add the essential oils into the green clay mixture and stir thoroughly.

So How Do We Use Our Green Clay Cleansing Mask?

I like to apply it when I am in the bath. Make sure you hair is wrapped and out of the way and your face is clean and cleansed. Avoid applying to the eyes or lips. If you have too much of the green clay mask mixture, simply apply the remainder to your neck and chest.

Now we can just relax in the bath for 15-20 minutes. The mask may start to feel tight as it dries. If this is the case you can simply dampen it with water again.

Once finished simply remove the mask with a warm, damp face cloth. Do not rub or scrub. Once you have removed the mask, give your face another wash with warm, clean water.  
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