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Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers

18 views  •  14 Feb 2023
Kids Craft Ideas
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Is There a Simpler Way to Decorate Than Decoupage?

Basically decoupage literally means "of cuttings". This suggest we are making a design from cuttings. And it is as simple as that. If you can decorate it, we can decorate it with ripped and cut pieces of decorative paper. The design possibilities are therefore endless.

Old wrapping paper, doilies, newspapers, magazines, sheet music and fancy papers. Anything can be used for decoupage.

Keep collecting papers in a special paper box. So when you are ready to make a decoupage project, you will have a collection of papers to look through and select your favourites.

Things You Need For Decoupage

  • A gift box for covering
  • Assorted papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers

Tear or Rip for Decoupage

The secret of decoupage is that you can completely mess it up. And it still looks interesting. And people will still tell you that you are amazing. Brilliant! So with this in mind, we can try lots of different effects and styles.

Cutting or ripping papers to attach to our box, both look good and interesting. So go with your feelings and which you prefer.

Papers can be glue far apart or layered for a different effect. Use scissors with special edges, like zig-zag pinking shears, to cut interesting edges on papers for a special effect. 
Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers

How To Start With Decoupage

The best place to start is with larger pieces and then keep working down to smaller and smaller pieces. Then we can end with any fine details or embellishments.

So get your gift box and collect together some nice papers. Stick on the box some of the larger paper pieces. Rip, tear or cut them to show only the most interesting parts of the papers.

Allow the glue to dry before applying more and more layers.
Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers

Decoupage Layers

When the first layer is dry, start adding more smaller decoupage pieces. Consider your design and also consider the gaps you are filling in.

Be careful with working too fast. Adding more and more glue layers might cause the bottom layers to become too wet and lift off.

Allow layers to dry for best results.
Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers

Keep Going and Finish

To finish our decoupage gift box, keep adding more and more cut and ripped pieces of paper. The details you add can be more organised.

Consider cutting some flower details and adding them to the final layer. Use a small paintbrush to apply glue to smaller details.

Once your gift box is finished it will be a completely unique design. A wonderful gift for someone you love, or a fun project you can keep yourself.

What else can we make with decoupage?
Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers

Other Decoupage Ideas

Maybe make a simple design to decorate a toy box or trinket box. Find special papers or interesting wrapping paper. Cut and rip them up to make your own design.
Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers
How about making your own crafting box. Your first crafting project can be decorating your crafting box.
Decoupage Means Decorating With Cut Papers
Who doesn't love a box of sweeties. Find some special pretty sweets, or even make some nice goodies to give away. Make them extra special with a pretty decoupage gift box.
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