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How to Make Honey Lip Balm

20 views  •  29 Nov 2023
Natural Skin Care
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Honey Lip Balm Is A Lovely Product We Can Make Ourselves

Honey has always been considered a super food and for good reasons. I love honey and love using it in my recipes. It is such a good ingredient for skincare and wellness. Manuka honey from New Zealand is often considered the super honey for its ultimate luxurious flavours and super antibacterial properties.

It is always nice to buy organic, but in the case of honey. I often make an exception as organic does suggest the product has not travelled far from where it was produced. And obviously honey from New Zealand has some considerable air mileage for most of us.

But I am currently looking for a suitable local bee keeper to ask for possible supplies of honey and also beeswax. So you might consider this also, as it is lovely to support local farmers and producers. And often bees can be kept in areas we might not ordinarily think suitable like city centres. So do some research and find your own supplier and create your very own flavour of Honey Lip Balm. 

Honey Lip Balm Ingredients

  • 10g beeswax
  • 10g cocoa butter
  • 15g shea butter
  • 4 teaspoons or 20ml almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon or 5ml hemp oil
  • 2 teaspoons or 10ml honey 


  • double boiler
  • metal spoon
  • small glass jug
  • electric milk frother
  • 4 x 15ml lip balm jars
How to Make Honey Lip Balm

To Make Honey Lip Balm We Start By Melting The Main Ingredients

Step One

To start making the honey lip balm we first need to melt the beeswax, cocoa butter and Shea butter in the double boiler. At this point we can also add in the almond oil.
How to Make Honey Lip Balm

Continue To Add More Ingredients To Our Honey Lip Balm

Step Two

Now we can add in the hemp oil and the honey. Stir the mixture gently until everything is blended and softened and liquid. The honey is actually water soluble and so won't mix entirely well at this point. But we are simply preparing for the next step. 
How to Make Honey Lip Balm

Blend In The Honey For Our Honey Lip Balm

Step Three

Now we can remove the mixture from the heat. Now we want to take our milk frother and start to blend all of the ingredients more thoroughly. Blend using the milk frother for approximately 1 minute. The honey needs to be totally blended and mixed in. At this point the mixture will still be pourable but will have a thicker consistency.
How to Make Honey Lip Balm

How To Blend Without A Milk Frother

Step Four

If we don't have the milk frother we can simply place the hot jug into a bowl of cold water and continually keep stirring. Keep moving and stirring the liquid until it cools down. As the mixture cools we can see that it is starting to get thicker and thicker. And the honey is starting to blend in well.

To cool the mixture even further we can put the jug into a refrigerator for a minute or two at a time.
How to Make Honey Lip Balm

How To Finish Making Our Honey Lip Balm

Step Five

Once the mixture gets to a consistency that is thick but still able to be poured, we can start pouring it into our small lip balm containers.

And there we have it. A wonderful recipe, not too tricky and a simply delightful lip treatment for yourself or friends or family.

 It is best to make this honey lip balm in batches and divide into smaller pots. The most common size of lip balm jar is around 15ml and this will make a batch of around 4 jars. If you really want to make just one small jar for yourself, then simply divide the recipe ingredients by 4.
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