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Pretty Floral Paper Candle Shades

40 views  •  23 Feb 2023
Alison Jones
20 subscribers

Floral Paper Candle Shades Just Add So Much Magic To A Room

I have always loved making things with pretty textured handmade papers and pressed flowers. Pressing flowers is really fun to do with children. I remember when my Auntie bought me my first flower press when I was a small child. And she and my Nan would help me to collect flowers to press.

I have actually just bought myself a new William Morris vintage flower press which I have had my eye on for a while. If you do not have a flower press, you can use some heavy books and some paper towel, to make your own pretty floral candle shades.

To Make Floral Paper Candle Shades You Will Need


  • Japanese Handmade Paper
  • Clear Oil Based Dead Flat Varnish
  • Cardboard
  • Selection of Fresh and Dried Flowers and Leaves
  • Masking Tape
  • PVA Glue
  • Decorative Paper
  • Fire Proofing Spray
  • Candle
  • Candle Stick


  • Small Decorators Paint Brush
  • Flower Press or Books with Paper Towel
  • Pair of Compasses
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Container for PVA Glue
  • Medium Artists Paint Brush
Pretty Floral Paper Candle Shades

Preparing Handmade Paper And Making A Candle Shade Template

Step 1

For your paper candle shades, begin by varnishing the Japanese handmade paper with the clear oil based dead flat varnish. Then leave it to dry thoroughly.

Step 2

Next, use a pair of compasses, a ruler and a pencil to draw the shape of the shade onto cardboard. As close to the shape in the picture as you can. Then carefully cut out the template.
Pretty Floral Paper Candle Shades

Photocopying And Cutting Out Fresh And Dried Flowers And Leaves

Step 3

Now, draw around the cardboard template onto the varnished Japanese handmade paper. And then cut out the shape. You can make as many of these as you wish.

Step 4

For the next step, take your flowers and leaves, and photocopy them in colour. Then carefully cut them all out using a craft knife and cutting mat. Take extra care when cutting as you may have to make very small cuts.
Pretty Floral Paper Candle Shades

Decorating Paper Candle Shades

Step 5

Now for the really fun part, deciding how you would like your candle shades to look, by planning your design. Arrange the flower and leaf cut outs onto the handmade paper shade shape. You can secure them temporarily with some masking tape until you are happy with your design. Then you can glue them in place.

Step 6

To make a decorative edge for your candle shades, cut out edging detail strips from decorative paper and glue them into position. Make sure that you leave a space at the joining edge. Once the shade is joined up, you can make extra decorative pieces to cover up the seam. Then cove the shade with a coating of clear varnish and again leave it to dry thoroughly.
Pretty Floral Paper Candle Shades

Making A Support For The Candle Shades

Step 7

Now, draw around the circumference of the candle shade onto a piece of cardboard to make the support for the shade.

Step 8

Then in the centre of the support, draw a smaller circle for the candle to fit through. Then draw some intersecting lines through the circle. And mark four more holes to allow for air circulation. Then cut out the support and the smaller circles.
Pretty Floral Paper Candle Shades

Putting A Candle Inside A Paper Candle Shade

Step 9

Finally, spray the paper candle shades and the cardboard with fire proofing spray. Then push the candle through the cardboard support and onto the candlestick. Then place the shade over the candle, so that it rests on the support.
Pretty Floral Paper Candle Shades
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