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YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

46 views  •  26 Apr 2023

Where Does Zan Von Zed Come From?

How do we start talking about the mystery that is Zan Von Zed?

She was born deep in the woods of Poland, under a stone. In the shadow of a dark abandoned castle, once occupied by vampire unicorns. Brought up by the curly haired cat people, at the age of seven it was revealed that she was the true heir to the Kingdom. Soon after, magic powers started to develop in the tips of her fingers. These powers slowly grew so strong that she could turn the mere clay from the ground, into real, alive fairy folk.

At the age of seven she was banished as a witch. And was smuggled in a gnarled, old, wooden trunk to the far away land of Australia. Here she started creating her own army of mythical, magical creatures and curiosities. So, one day, she could return and recapture the castle and claim her birthright.
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

Zan Von Zed In A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma

The truth is, we know very little about our protagonist. So this story could either be true or false. Well in my head it’s true until someone says it’s not. And so we are lead into the mysterious and magical world of Zan Von Zed.

A quick look at her video library and we start to understand the luscious, dark, mystery curtain, we might get a peak behind.

Pick a video and you will be drawn into a world of intrigue and genuine wonder. As our Ozzie-Pole, baby witch, vampire unicorn, curly cat, fairy princess shows us her magical skills unrivalled by any other sorcereress, in any other kingdom. This is truly, a special enchanted inner sanctum that we are let into.
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

Zan Von Zed Would Kill You With Her Banshee Screech

Zan Von Zed does not speak in her videos. This is because the sound she makes from her vocal cords would kill us. As it did many soldiers who tried to stop her escaping, on that fateful day, back in 1722. She waits, as her army grows stronger and stronger. Nothing is going to stop her reclaiming the throne. Nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, RAAAAAAA!!!!!

Well nothing, except a rather curly haired cat that does pop up now and then in her videos and stops all work! Oh cats, they just don’t have a sense of perspective do they?

A load of strokes, a cuddle and some treats later, and Zan Von Zed is back to taking over the world again. Zan Von Zed is a one in a million talent. Her distinct style and feel draws you in. The magical music somehow hypnotises you and you’re hooked.

Simply, roll up some tin foil, add a bit of polymer clay and you have a beautiful, restful unicorn… Errr, NO WE don’t! We have a bit of clay splodged on a bit of old tin foil. Clearly you need a lot more magical talent to make what Zan Von Zed creates. Her work is astonishing!

One look at her line drawings on her Etsy, and clearly this is a very, very, very talented person. A person lost in her own mythical, fantasy imagination. How you make a cheap wooden box from a craft shop, into an intriguing, ornate, secret wooden treasure chest, beggers belief. And I love it. More, more, more please!
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

Zan Von Zed Is A 60 Foot Giant Making Real Sized Human Things

There is something in this lady that is truly magical and one can only speculate what her home looks like. And what sort of a bed she sleeps in? Please tell me it is made of cat hair pillows and fairy dust and is underneath a huge mushroom with elven princesses and pixies pirates. And tiny little knobs and knockers everywhere and little draws full of treasure maps. It’s probably from Ikea isn’t it, lol!

Here we are going to watch the video named, “Secret Cabinet of Witchcraft and Wizardry Miniature | Hidden Diorama Book Chamber”.

When you finish watching the video, it is likely you will be turned into a frog. And have to spend the rest of your days living in your local pond, waiting for your own knight in shining armour to offer you a smooch. But heck, I’m halfway there already, so let's get into it.

Again, within 5 seconds of this incredibly popular video, we are basically shown what the Zan Von Zed channel is all about. And why her YouTube channel is gathering pace to break the 150k subscriber barrier very soon. This one video has been enjoyed by nearly 600k mermaid people. And when you have views that high, you are clearly impressing the masses.

The first 5 seconds shows us inside the brain of the Zan monster. Every intricate detail and mind numbing miniscule facet of this secret cabinet of curiosities is painstakingly created. A mere human brain cannot take all the details in that quickly. Her art is a spectacle that needs to be stared at for hours to find every tiny little secret.
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

Zan Von Zed's Barbie Had Six Arms And Two Heads

This lady did not play with Barbies as a child. She probably dressed up squirrel skeletons and mummified mermaids and made potions from fairies wings, eye of newt and dragon’s teeth. Never accept an invitation to a tea party at Zan’s lair. You would be encapsulated into the clay of The Wall Of Fools. Never to be set free.

Am I getting into this a bit too much?

I love this channel. I love the mystery, I love Zan's hands, I want to touch them... I love the unbelievable talent that is Zan Von Zen. I imagine as an artist you spend years fumbling around learning and learning, then eventually find a genre you like. Then you practise and practise and practise. And only when you are a very old, wizened crow of a sorceress, do you reach the level of Zan Von Zed. No offence, lol!

But she does seems to ooze out confidence from under her fingernails. Everything she touches just turns out so absolutely amazing. There really is magic in the tips of her fingers. Or... they have a magical brand of polymer clay down-under. I think it's the fingers.

Everything she makes is amazingly intricate and detailed and truly evokes a magical feeling that is missing from us as adults. She takes us back to being a little child, stuck under our own rock. In awe at the shape of a leaf or the ladybird crawling across it. It's sad that, now I am only in awe of a lamp I have seen on a vapid Instagram account. I don't know why I want a lamp, but I know why I want to spend more time in Zan's world.

I think the thing is, I want to line up all of Zan Von Zed’s creations, and just live inside them. Maybe she could magic me into the form of an 8 inch cat lady. I mean, literally a tiny lady with a cat's head. Not the other kind of cat lady, I'm basically that already.
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

Zan Von Zed Has The Eyes Of An Owl

We continue on with the video and watch Zan Von Zed continue to create magic with her fingers. Clearly there are many thousands of hours practising, as this lady can make polymer clay sing any song she likes. A simple wooden box becomes an ancient cabinet. Cat motifs and stars. The sun, the moon. Every detail she adds is perfectly in tune with this masterpiece. Now we are making miniature books. Oh and they are perfectly bound. Does she not know there are whole YouTube channels that just do that?

What she doesn’t show us, is that she made a tiny pencil and wrote an award-winning novel in each book. Actually they are probably all spell books. She must have some little magic mouse helpers who turn up in the middle of the night. No one can get all this done for one video. Phew! My fingers are aching just watching this and all I'm doing is eating biscuits. But I am eating them very delicately.

Then the painting begins. BAM! Painting done, looks amazing! It's so easy, why aren't we all doing it!
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

Zan Von Zed Has Four Arms, This Is How She Does So Much

Now most normal humans would pop the kettle on now, get out their own biscuits and have a bloody good rest. Phew, I know that’s what I did, again, at this point in the video. All this watching is really hard work. But NO! One does not rebuild an army to reclaim the fairy castle, if you waste time breathing and eating and such.

So on she goes. Now we just need to completely fill this miniature marvel with potions and lotions and secrets and trinkets. How many hours? How much patience? How good are her eyeballs?

Luckily Australia has 54 hours in a day, this can be the only way, all of this is achieved.
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?
YouTube Channel Zan Von Zed Review. What Sort Of Bed Does She Sleep In?

Zan Von Zed YouTube Channel Conclusion

One last slap on top of the box, I think to make sure everything is stuck, and we are done. The reveal is astonishing. What a magical piece of art. Perfect in every way, with its endless secrets and nooks and crannies. You just want to stare at her creations for hours and find all the little secret details. Zan Von Zed is a talent like no one else, and we are lucky that she lets us explore her world with her.

I, for one, have already joined the army and am simply waiting for her to sound the horn to retake the castle in her homeland. As long as I can be someone important when it's all done. Like chief cat hair curler or something like that.

One does feel like Zan Von Zed is on her way to somewhere truly amazing and epic. And I cannot wait to see what she has in store for our eyes to water over in the future. Her line art on Etsy is amazing, please, please, please check it out. And buy something, you know you want to.

And please watch the Zan Von Zed's channel on YouTube. Let yourself go and slip into the magical world of mystery and adventure that is Zan Von Zed. It's like sleeping in a bed made of kittens and mermaid eyelashes.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment down below.

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