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Have Fun Playing With Crazy Sock Monsters

32 views  •  12 Jul 2023
Kids Craft Club
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How To Make A Crazy Sock Monster

Making your own little creatures and characters is always fun. This really promotes imagination and creativity. Making a fun, silly sock monster the way you want, is the best part. They can have funny hair and crazy eyes and speak with a silly voice.

These crazy sock monsters are made from brightly coloured old socks. They are decorated with buttons and strands of wool. But once you get the idea of how to make them. You can make them exactly how you want. Maybe they have three eyes and two noses. 

Once you finish, one thing is for sure. Crazy sock monsters love to go on crazy adventures around your living room.

What do we need to make a crazy sock monster

  • Brightly coloured old sock
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • 3 bright buttons
  • Colourful embroidery thread
  • Knitting wool for hair
  • Toy stuffing
  • Scissors
Have Fun Playing With Crazy Sock Monsters

Let's Start Making Our Crazy Sock Monster

Step One

So to make our crazy sock monster we are going to take the sock and basically we are going to use the part where your foot goes. The part of the sock where your ankle and leg goes will be folded away. So we are going to decorate the part of the sock where your toes and your foot used to go. The toes end of the sock will end up being the top of the crazy sock monster's head.  

So to start we are going to sew on a nose. We need one button for the nose and two buttons for the eyes. The heel part of the sock will end up being the mouth of our monster and remember the part of the sock where your toes used to go, will be the top of the crazy sock monster head.

So sew the nose button on roughly around 2cms or three quarters of an inch above the heel part of the sock. Towards the toes end of the sock.

Then sew on two more buttons above the nose, these will be the eyes.
Have Fun Playing With Crazy Sock Monsters

Let's Make A Sock Monster Mouth

Step Two

Now we can make a funny mouth shape. Pinch the heel of the sock together to form a smiling mouth shape. Then sew along the inside edge using a brightly coloured thread to make the mouth look interesting.
Have Fun Playing With Crazy Sock Monsters

Fill Your Crazy Sock Monster With Stuffing

Step Three

Now we can continue by filling our toy with stuffing. Push the toy stuffing into your sock creature. Put in small pieces of stuffing at a time to make it easier for you. You can use a pen to push the stuffing down the end if you need to. Pop in enough stuffing so your little monster feels full up.

Once you have enough stuffing, fold up the open end of the sock and sew it closed. Ask an adult for help with the sewing if you need to. 
Have Fun Playing With Crazy Sock Monsters

Finish Making Our Crazy Sock Monster

Step Four

Now what does every silly sock monster need? Yes, a crazy hair style.

Cut about 20 pieces of wool. Measure each piece of wool to be around 10cm or 4 inches long. Once you have all the pieces cut, lay them out together. Then cut one more piece of wool and use it to tie all the others together in the middle.

Now use more thread to sew the hair onto the top of the crazy sock monster.

Congratulations, now you have made your own silly, funny monster. Maybe make a few at the same time and send them on a crazy sock journey across your bedroom.

Why not add pictures of your sock monsters onto your own studio. Then comment below and tell us your studio name, so we can search your name and see your pictures.
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