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How to Make Marshmallow Cream

33 views  •  31 Aug 2023
Natural Skin Care
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Marshmallow Cream Nourishes The Skin

Take some time to master the basic recipe for marshmallow cream. Then you can just change the infusion to match your specific skin type. Marshmallow is used here for the moisturiser because it has such lovely soothing qualities. We are actually using the root part of the marshmallow plant. This comes in a powder form or dried. Once we add it to water it becomes gelatinous.

Be careful when you add the oil. Some oils are added in the heating phase and some in the cooling phase. This is because the properties of some oils can be destroyed by heating. So if you swap out any oils make note of that. Oils high in GLA and omega fatty acids, such as vitamin E, evening primrose and rosehip are in the group.

Ingredients for Marshmallow Cream

Oil Phase
  • 2g cetyl alcohol
  • 5g emulsifying wax
  • 2 teaspoons (10ml) macadamia oil
  • 1 teaspoon (5ml) jojoba oil
Water Phase
  • 70ml marshmallow infusion
  • half teaspoon (2-5ml) glycerin
Cooling Phase
  • 20 drops vitamin E oil
  • 20 drops preservative
  • 1 teaspoon borage oil
  • 10 drops geranium essential oil


  • Small glass jar
  • Tea strainer
  • Double boiler
  • Small saucepan
  • Thermometer
  • Electric milk frother
  • Bowl of cold water
  • Metal spoon
  • Airtight 100ml jar
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

First We Make The Marshmallow Infusion Part One

Infusion Step One

Place 100ml of boiling water in a small glass jug. Add in 5g of marshmallow root. Leave it covered for around 30 minutes. 
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Making The Marshmallow Infusion Part Two

Infusion Step Two

Use your tea strainer and pour the liquid through it. We can now throw away the plant matter. We are going to use this infusion in our marshmallow cream recipe. If we have any left over be careful to store in the refrigerator. It will last only a few days.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Let's Start With The Oil Phase Of Our Marshmallow Cream

Step 1

We are going to start the oil phase of making our marshmallow cream. Melt the emulsifying wax and cetyl alcohol in a double boiler.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Add More Oils

Step 2

Take your melted emulsifiers and add in the macadamia and jojoba oils.  
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Now For The Water Phase Of Making Marshmallow Cream

Step 3

We first need to heat the marshmallow infusion and the glycerin in a glass jar. Place the glass jar in another double boiler or a saucepan of hot water. This is the water phase.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Continue Heating The Marshmallow Cream Ingredients

Step 4

Continue to heat until the oil phase ingredients have melted. Continue heating the oil phase and the water phase until they are the same temperature. 167-176 degrees fahrenheit or 75-80 degrees celsius.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Get Ready To Mix

Step 5

Carefully remove the glass jar water phase from the saucepan or double boiler. Make sure you use a close so as to not burn yourself.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Now We Start To Whisk The Oil Phase Of Our Marshmallow Cream

Step 6

The oil phase is still in the double boiler. Pop in the electric hand frother. Turn it on low and gently start to blend the ingredients together. We want to make sure the frother is below the surface so we don't introduce too much air into the mixture.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Gently Start Adding The Water Phase To The Oil Phase

Step 7

Now we want to very slowly add in the water phase as we are continuing to blend with the milk frother. Pour the water phase from the glass jar in a slow and steady stream. Continue pouring very slowly and steadily for approximately one minute.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Finish Mixing the Phases Together

Step 8

We can now add the mixture back into the glass jar. This will make it easier to pour into the final container. Continue mixing all the ingredients together.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Now We Can Cool The Marshmallow Cream Mixture

Step 9

Pop the glass jar with our new marshmallow cream lotion into a bowl of cold water and let it cool. Continue to blend occasionally until the mixture thickens slightly. 
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

How To Complete Making Our Marshmallow Cream

Step 10

Wait for the mixture to completely cool. Then we can add in the borage oil, vitamin E oil, preservative and essential oil.
How to Make Marshmallow Cream

Finish Making The Marshmallow Cream Lotion

Step 11

Pour the completed nourishing lotion into a jar. All that is left to do now is label the jar with the date and ingredients list. And you have completed your nourishing marshmallow lotion cream.
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