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YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.

47 views  •  17 Apr 2023

Presenting The One And Only Johanna Clough

Well, of course, to make a note in your journal, you will have to make a journal first. And to do that, there really is only one channel to watch. Johanna Clough is queen of the journals. 

When you have a video that has over 6 millions views, there is no denying you are doing something very right. And Johanna’s friendly, relaxed approach to the fun hobby of journaling is what keeps nearly a quarter of a million subscribers checking in frequently.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.

Watching Episode: "Studio vlog ✿ making journals, packing orders, creating content"

When you watch Johanna's trailer video, within the first 4 seconds we are given a clue as to why Johanna Clough is so special. We see her sewing, then immediately typing a letter on what can only be described as a typewriter from the 70s. And this wonderful classic vibe is what makes Johanna's channel just the cosiest, comfiest place to hang out. Her soft spoken, sweet voice is like someone rubbing your temples and massaging your shoulders after a hard days work.

Every ounce of me wants to just sit with her, in her perfect workroom. And chat about her perfect papers in her perfect journals, with the perfect little pockets to capture perfect little memories. But I might be a bit too much of a fangirl, and just turn up with my luggage and refuse to leave.

Please someone tell me she has a drawer absolutely rammed full of rubbish. With messy bits of old paper and tape and stuff that never gets thrown out. Does she have a Monica cupboard? Nahh… I bet her scrap drawer is perfect too, huff!
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.

Johanna Clough Knows Her Stuff!

But behind the perfect, innocent veneer of our bestest journaling friend, it soon becomes apparent that this lady knows her stuff. I don’t know how she does it. BUT I WANT EVERY SINGLE THING THAT SHE MAKES!!!

She has a wizard-like magic touch with papers and sticky tape and pva… that belies the relaxed, friendly presentation technique. Why do I feel like I'm watching someone ready to explode into Johanna Clough super brand with products all over the place, in every shop. I’d buy them. I’d buy each one… I'd just collect all of them… do it Johanna Clough… do it!

And I hope she has it in the works. She deserves every success. This working mum makes wonderful videos, full of ideas and inspiration and makes it all look so easy.

Continuing to watch her “Studio vlog ✿ making journals, packing orders, creating content” video, it becomes clear to me what her super-power is.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.

Johanna Clough Could Make Your Recycling Bin Look Lovely 

Drawing is a talent, painting is a talent, woodwork is a talent… but assembling colours and shapes and designs is just as complex and difficult. I know Johanna is an illustrator also, but the way her creativity explodes all over her journals is amazing.
Think of package design. Corporations spend millions to design food or drinks labels and some are beautiful and some are terrible. This seemingly simple concept of arranging colours, shapes and script is monumentally complex and much more difficult than you might imagine. Ask anyone who has ever tried to design a logo for example. Or look at my living room, then look at an interior designer's living room. These things seem simple… they're really not simple.

Those people with real talent, just make it look easy and it's definitely not and Johanna is a perfect example of this. She effortlessly throws various pieces of paper together. But the craft is really in the selection, the colour managements and the application and the experience. And that can’t really be learnt in an afternoon.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.

Johanna Clough The Superhero

When Johanna was born, she slept in a crib made of flowery paper and her nappies where stuck together with washi tape. I'm joking but it does feel like she has been making journals for many, many, many years. And that’s what it takes to make something that people really covet. Well done Johanna.

We continue to watch Johanna water her perfect plants in her perfect studio, with the perfect huge window above her perfect desk, letting in the perfect amount of light. All my plants are dead and there is mess everywhere in my so-called studio. Please Johanna write a book already, lol! The next bit made me laugh. As she is making some journals to sell. Which, I might note, I can never get one because that are ALWAYS sold out… she actually apologises to us for her washing machine going off in the background!

Oh dear, this woman is like a real life superhero. Not only is she a mum, she makes YouTube videos, she actually tidies up, she is making products for her Etsy store. Oh and is working the washing machine too, all at the same time… Either they have more hours in the day in Australia or this woman has a cape and boots stashed in one of her perfect cupboards somewhere.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.

The Johanna Clough Diet Book Coming Soon 

Next we see more of her beautiful journals and a rather cheeky shot of TWO donuts and a nice cup of tea. Not only does she have a beautiful slim figure, but she’s working two donuts at a time, lol! She needs to start the journaling diet book. Clearly cutting up papers all day long burns a lot of calories. I’d probably buy that book too.

Having said that, she is cleaning up again. What is that, like three times a day, phew! Are we supposed to be cleaning up three times a day? I think I need to reassess my work area lifestyle choices, lol!

Next, Johanna finishes binding her journals, they look absolutely amazing. I won't be able to get one. The queue of eager buyers is always way too long and my fingers aren’t ever quick enough.

STOP… Johanna is just going to quickly fix her own sewing machine. OH COME ON!!! She gets her screwdrivers out… phew, what on earth is next for Super Johanna? Oh yes, top business woman mode engaged. Of course, her beautiful journals immediately sell out in seconds… DAMN!
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.
YouTube Channel Johanna Clough Review. Make A Note In Your Journal To Watch This Channel.

Johanna Clough Review Conclusion

Johanna finishes with typing cute little letters on the crazy ancient typewriter. I know I would screw that up if I had to do that… but again I say this sums up our perfect Johanna Clough perfectly. There is a wonderful confidence inside her that is so inspiring and so much fun to watch and hangout with. What a wonderful thing YouTube is, for allow us to spend time with Johanna.

There is no doubt in my mind that Johanna owns this creative journaling niche. She is by far my favourite and I wish I could tell her she is amazing. Most of Johanna's videos are top down explainers… but I just absolutely love the vlog style. I am greedy and I want more of Johanna. I like the studio tour style a lot, she does it so well. And just goes to show she is always updating and improving her YouTube channel.

I love the casual vlog style, it’s so relaxingly effortless. Or so it seems. I'm sure it is so much more work and harder to pull off than you think. Filming vlog style takes a lot more time to film and a lot more time to edit and the work room needs tidying again and the cat's not helping and the washing needs hanging and the kids need picking up from school and the olde-worlde typewriter needs fixing and... how on earth does she do it all!

If you like making things and keeping memories and keepsakes, please, please, please watch Johanna Clough on YouTube. Please follow her Instagram, she is killing it over there and please visit her Etsy shop. There won't be any journals for sale, because they get sold out so absolutely quickly. But there are so many other lovely things to buy.

Well done Johanna Clough, you are one in a million.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment below.

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