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YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

50 views  •  14 Apr 2023

Is Nerdforge The Queen Of YouTube Makers?

First off, let’s just get it out the way. Is Martina the Nerdforge, just simply the queen of YouTube makers? Well, let me know what you think in the comments below, but for me she definitely is. And I will probably write that in every Nerdforge review I do. I just absolutely adore her and her eternal optimism.
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Episode: "I Lost My Finger.. So I Made A New One..."

She shows us a new level of positivity and optimism in this episode, by literally rebuilding her own hand after what we learn was a horrific making incident in years past. One can only wonder if she went to the hospital before or after the glue had dried on the fateful project she was working on. Did she keep the finger as a memento? Somewhere in her basement is her chopped-off pinky, cast in resin at the top of a flag pole on a medieval castle made from a million foam bricks? So many questions...

One can only wonder at these things, but one thing is for sure. This woman needs to make a costume with a big 'S' on the front because she is my real life superhero. If the constantly changing colour of Martina’s hair doesn’t brighten up your day, then her cheeky smile and infectious cheery attitude definitely will.
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Review, Does She Even Need One?

Even when she’s clearly been gluing bricks or painting an endless mural for a hundred hours, she can force a funny moment through her tired, weary eyebrows. And this makes us feel like we are standing right there with her, mostly watching, but cheering her along all the same. The sheer effort and grandeur of every episode is what has rocketed her through a couple of million subscribers and well on to who knows how many. Everyone who likes watching fun things being made, will be subbed eventually, I’m sure of that.

Skjera bagera, is the Norwegian greeting that welcomes us every episode. Google says it translates to “what’s up!”. But I suspect, like all the Scandanavia countries, there is complex inferred meaning in this simple phrase. It is clear we are welcomed into her world as a close friend, and I like that.
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Is Our Friend And How Lucky Are We?

Martina is missing her little finger on her left hand and instead of letting this ruin her world as an artist. She explains her biggest grief is not being able to hold her phone, probably to answer the billion fanmails she gets a day. Sorry about that!

She is kind enough to spare us the gruesome details and is straight into fixing the problem. Less moaning, more fixing with positivity. I need to be more like this.

Is there anything this woman can’t make? Nerdforge is an amazing painter, book maker, sculpture, costume designer, interior designer. My gut feeling says, if she hasn’t mastered something yet, there is a video coming where she will make something that's unbelievably difficult, look unbelievable easy. And be super colourful, fun and inspiring along the way! Good luck other YouTubers, trying to compete!
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Where Does Nerdforge Get The Energy?

So now we are onto some computer modelling, coding and 3d printing. Huff, 3 minutes in, and I personally am exhausted already. The coffee must be a bit stronger in Norway.

It’s at this point I realise that this is probably a lot more complex than it initially appears. Making a prosthetic finger seems like a relatively simple concept, if you just want something visual. Something to disguise your missing digit. But no, this is Martina the Nerdforge. So she needs it fully functioning, she wants it to look cool, oh and she wants to be a robot too, lol!
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Turns A Disaster Into A Success

Next she explains that she filmed a whole days worth of footage and then that footage got corrupted. Which, let's be frank, is probably a bit of a problem if you’re a YouTuber. However, no, not a problem for our Super Martina. She simply makes an absolutely hilarious montage replacement vid, that had me stitches, laughing out loud, and was probably better than the lost footage anyway.

I can’t help feeling halfway through this episode, that I personally would be more emotional about losing my own finger. And doubly so, if I had to make a living as an artist. She hides the emotions of the whole situation well, without even really a mention of it. What a rock this woman is.
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Could Sell Me Anything

Now I have a confession. I even watch her sponsored ads. No fast forwarding here. I probably would buy up all the NordVPNs and Squarespaces I could, if I had the money. I want her to be as successful as she can be and let’s face it, we get her content for zero, nothing, nada, no cost at all. What an amazing thing YouTube is. So may she continue to get lots of sponsors and Martina, I will watch every one of them.
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

What Colour Is Nerdforge's Real Hair?

Again, it now becomes clearer what I was starting to suspect earlier. Making prosthetics, seems straight forward, but is actually complex. And something small, like a finger, will require tiny adjustments and alignments to be comfortable and functional. And oh yes, we want to look like a robot terminator too. Painting a huge 40 foot mural all of a sudden seems easier, well not for me, but you know what I mean.
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Is A Next Level Maker 

We continue to move closer to a little finger design that Nerdforge is happier with. But wait, now let’s put led’s in it! WHAT! Isn't it hard enough already, I'm screaming? Does this woman ever have a rest, I’m even more exhausted now watching her.

I will mention at this point, if you know a child or frankly an adult, who has had some health misfortune in their life. Please get them to watch this video. Turning something so devastating and negative into such a positive, is very hard. But this video is an amazing inspiration and so do currently nearly 5 million viewers agree.

Doctors should just prescribe this video for anyone whose feeling a little destroyed by life.

Finally, just when I can’t get any more hyped for her to win at the “making a little finger game” the music kicks in and BAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!! MY HEAD IS BEING SMASHED IN THE NERD-FORGE OF WINNING!!!! So to the final build.
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Rebuilds Her Own Little Finger

Martina, the Nerdforger, concludes by showing us the results and the glove looks amazing. People study prosthetics for years and years and yet I hate to say it, but I think Nerforge’s result would appeal to many more people. And her positivity and outlook could almost cure even more unhappy and confused attitudes of people with missing body parts.

What a winner!
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Thank You Nerdforge For All Your Efforts

A quick test and she has so effortlessly achieved the impossible. Or so it seems. There is clearly a huge amount of effort that goes into each video and it does come across. Her content is another level.

It must be unbelievably draining to have to be immensely creative, on demand, continuously, for months and months and years. And then to produce content of such high standard. It is an absolute credit to her and her team that her content does look effortless. Because to achieve that goal you have to be next level.

I can't even organise what I'm having for dinner, so to organise the content she produces is amazing and fantastic for us as viewers. So THANK YOU MARTINA AND THE NERDFORGE GANG!
YouTube Channel Nerdforge Review. Nerdforge Only Makes Her Own Finger!

Nerdforge Finishes Making Her Own Finger Back

She finishes by asking us if we found this episode interesting, funny or weird? Well yes to all of those. But I simply love the Nerdforge brand of interesting, funny and weird. Please, please, please share Nerdforge’s YouTube channel with your friends. She has never made a bad video.

The highlight of my life would be if Nerdforge would read my review and make a comment. But in the meantime, the highlight of my day is when I see a new Nerdforge video uploaded. Long may she reign, queen of the internet makers.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment below.

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