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Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards

43 views  •  14 Feb 2023
Sandy Lane
10 subscribers

Animal Print Has Forever Been a Fashionista’s Favourite

And that is handy for us, as we can make boring plain card look all fun and designer with a little crafting magic.

Girls of all ages love fashion and what's more fun than a trendy handbag and matching shoe set. These fun girls greetings cards are a must make. Great for hen parties or any party actually and fun to make. 

Maybe take it even further and personalise them with a little white hanging tag with the recipient's name. Or just write directly in the card.

Things Needed for Girls Greetings Cards

  • Basic crafting tools
  • Card, brown 15 x 30cms, light brown 15 x 30cms
  • Felt pens, dark brown, light brown and black
  • Clear gemstones
  • Black ribbon 1cm wide x 20cms long
  • Circle punch 1.5cm diameter 
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards

Shoe Gift Card Template

Step One

See the above fun girls greetings card shoe template shape. You don't need to use this template. Create your own if you have a better design idea. Copy the design onto the light brown card and cut it out. We need two matching shoe shapes.
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards

How To Make A Shoe Gift Card

Step Two

Place the cutout shoes onto scrap paper, so you don't ruin your work surface below. Now colour in the heels with the dark brown felt tip pen.

Then, use the same brown marker to draw a line along the sole and then along the inside edge of the shoe.

Finally with the light brown pen, colour in some rough shapes on the shoe like leopard skin spots. Make these spots random and of all different shapes and sizes.

Do the same for the other shoe.
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards

Decorate Your Shoe Card

Step Three

Now take the black felt pen. Colour the edges of the light brown leopard spots. But don't completely colour around the spots. Leave them partly incomplete. See the image above.

Our fun girls greetings card is coming along nicely.

Now we need to bling these shoes up even more. Take your sticky gemstones and stick three clear gemstones along the top of each toe.

Finally, make two black ribbon shapes from black card and glue them to the heels of both shoes.
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards

Assemble Your Card Shoes Into A Gift Card

Step Four

Now we have completed our fun girls greetings card shoes, we can assemble them into the card. So cut another piece of brown card 10cms long x 2cms side or 4 inches long by three quarters of an inch wide.

Fold this strip of card into three sections like a zig zag.

Glue one edge of the zig zag piece to the back of one of the shoes, in the heel area. Then glue the other end to the back of the other shoe at the same position. Before the glue dries stand the shoes up. Make sure the zig zag piece is in the right position and that the shoes can fold flat.
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards

Add A Card Handbag Gift Card

Step Five

See the template above and cut out the larger shape from the brown card. This is the handbag shape for our fun girls greetings card, number two. Then from a new piece of card, cut out the shape marked as handbag flap.

Bend the handbag shape in the middle so it stands up.

Using the dark brown felt pen, draw a line along the bottom of the handbag flap. Glue the handbag flap over the top of the front of the handbag shape.

Then using the same markers and methods colour in the handbag with leopard skin spots. Next glue a black ribbon in place for the handle. And finally use a circle punch to make a black circle for the clasp detail. Either punch a circle and colour it black or simply use black card.

Attach the circle clasp and decorate further with a gemstone in the centre.
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards
Make Fun Girls Greetings Cards

Fun Girls Greetings Card Conclusion

And there we have it. Two great ideas for simple and fun girls greetings cards. Brilliant for a party or for that special someone. Fun to make, and even more fun to give.
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