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Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas

46 views  •  26 Mar 2023
Katie Isaacs
11 subscribers

Making Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas Is A Pleasure

I love getting a present, of course. But giving something special to a friend, child or family member is just as exciting to me. If you find that perfect gift, it does seem a little odd to just then wrap it in ordinary wrapping paper. Why not make the whole gift giving moment that extra bit special.

I mean there is a reason we wrap presents right? The unwrapping is supposed to be a magical part of the whole experience. The wow, the excitement, the surprise, then finally the gift. Oh I love it all.

So we are going to lift our gifts to the highest level with some pretty flower gift wrap ideas.

Stuff You Need To Make Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas


  • Paper Glue
  • Pressed Flowers, Petals and Leaves
  • Coloured Card
  • Handmade Rough Textured Paper
  • Raffia or Fine String
  • Cardboard box
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Metallic stars
Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas

Let's Start With Our Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas

Step One

First to make a card or tag, use a nice coloured piece of card folded. On the front, carefully rip a contrasting coloured piece of card. This will be the background. I always think torn edges look so nice but they are sometimes tricky to tear straight. So take your time.

If you have very fancy flower paper, you can slightly dampen the edges where you want to tear. Then tear and let dry.

Then lay out an arrangement of dried flowers and leaves. Once you like the design, carefully stick them in place. This is your project so design it the way you think looks nice. If you are unsure, have a few experiments first. And don't worry if you feel you have made a mistake. Often one person's mistake is very interesting to the next person.

Step Two

Now we have our little flower design on a card. If you want tags, just make them smaller and punch a hole in one end. Thread with a fine piece of raffia. Or use parcel string or a pretty ribbon.

When I make these tags, I often make many more than I need and just keep them safe for when I do need them.

Maybe get your children involved with making these pretty flower gift wrap ideas. Make more than you need and keep them safe for the future.
Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas

Now Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas Can Think About Gift Boxes

Step Three

To smarten up a boring box, we can glue fancy white paper all over it. Make sure you glue it securely in place over the box. Trim up any edges or sides to make it look neat and tidy.

Now we can glue some embellishments. Here I am gluing some small stars and crescent shapes all over the white paper. Take your time and enjoy the process. Pretty flower gift wrap ideas are all about love.

Step Four

Now you can cut a piece of ribbon in a contrasting colour. Remember, you can adapt these pretty flower gift wrap ideas to suit you. Maybe use darker paper and a lighter coloured ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon and tie a knot in the centre of the top of the paper box parcel. Do not cut off the excess ribbon yet.
Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas

Complete Our Pretty Flower Little Gift Wrap Ideas

Step Five

Now to finish, we can add a small posy of dried flowers to the top of the gift box, where the knot is. Use the leftover pieces of ribbon to tie the posy on carefully. Then finish with a ribbon bow. Cut the ends of the ribbons at angles for decorative effect.

Just a few quick pretty flower gift wrap ideas to lift your presents a little. Please if you have any ideas, make your own studio and comment below so we can follow your name and see what you have made.
Pretty Flower Gift Wrap Ideas
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