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Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

27 views  •  27 Jan 2023
Kids Craft Ideas
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Who Doesn’t Like Hand Printing and Finger Painting?

Hand painting on ceramics is always fun. Did you know you can get paint now-a-days that you can fire in a domestic oven. So here is a fun project to make a very personalised and messy hand printed plate. And then at the end you can keep that plate for the rest of time. Hooray!!

A wonderful keepsake, present or just plain old fun.

Things You Will Need:

  • An object to be decorated, ideally a white plate
  • Specialist ceramic paint
  • Paintbrushes in various sizes
  • Something to put the paint in
  • Old clothes and newspapers as this is messy
Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

How To Make Hand Print Pictures

Step One

To get ready for some hand printing, first we need to find some clean containers. Anything we can pour a little of each paint colour into. You can use anything, that you don't mind getting dirty. Ideally a paint tray, but just something to keep your paints separate.

Pour out the colours of the paints we want to use in our design.

Now use a thick paintbrush and yes, let your child paint a layer onto their hand. At this point, likely your child will look at you and say, "Really?"

Well this is the time to go for it and have fun. We are creating not just a wonderful plate, but also a wonderful memory too.

We don't want to paint our hands too thickly. Oh, I should have mentioned, it's a good idea to keep paper towels handy, you know for accidents, lol!
Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

Careful Print Your Hand Covered In Paint

Step Two

Now, we want to end up with something we like. So before just jumping right into the deep end, let's have a little hand printing practise on a scrap of newspaper or similar. Help your child to think about where they want their hand to go and teach them to take a little time applying the print.

Let them press their hand, with the fingers spread a little. Get them to press firmly for the best prints. Have another practise if you are still unsure.

Maybe keep the practises too, lol! Children's hand printing on newspaper can be use for other crafting projects later, I think.

Now we are ready, we can move on to the real thing.
Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

Have Fun Hand Printing

Step Three

Clean the printing hand off a bit and reapply the fresh paint colour you want to print with. Maybe paint the hand one colour, or stripes or spots or paint the fingers different colours. It's fun to experiment.

Now carefully press the hand onto the plate in the position you want it. Splooooge!! We are hand printing masters.

Carefully lift the hand straight up to avoid any dragging. Let this print dry.
Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

To Finish Our Hand Printing Project For Children

Step Four

Now let's finish off. Apply another colours of paint to your child's finger tips. Let them print around the edge. Discuss a nice repeating pattern and see how close you can get to that. Or just go wild, we are creating art here.

Hopefully your art plate is looking amazing. Maybe your child would like to sign it. Get those little fingers working some more.

In conclusion, depending on the paint you used, now it can be fired in your own oven. Follow the guidelines for the paint.

And there you have it! A wonderful memory and a wonderful hand printing gift for Grandad. Now you can start a little production line.
Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

Finger Painted Flowers

Once you get a little more advanced. How about lifting your interior design with these colourful finger painted flowers in a finger painted picture frame. 
Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

Baby Painted Plates

You can even put your new born baby to work hand printing. That sounds wrong! But it is a lovely way to commemorate a wonderful moment. And they make lovely pressies and keepsakes. Gently paint your babies hand and press it onto the plate. Or trying printing on a piece of paper and mount it in a frame.

Then embarrass them in 18 years time, by reminding them constantly how messy there were as a baby :) 
Simple Finger Painting and Hand Printing

Painted Tea Tray

Once your little one has completed the task of redecorating all of your crockery. What better task next than to decorate a tray using hand printing. So you can all make a lovely cup of tea and sit down with a biscuit and laugh about all the mess you made making these lovely hand painted objects. 
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