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How to make a coffee table top?

652 days ago • 1 likes • 0 comments • 0 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Harry Teddie | Question date:  Aug 17, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 17, 2022

Question Asked:

Hi, please take a look at my pictures. I have this really cool table frame that I want to do something with. I want to try and make an interesting coffee table top. I was interesting in getting some opinions or ideas on how to make it or what to make it out of?

My father said it actually came from a bar about thirty years ago, and was sitting in one of his barns for the whole time I think.

It does look a bit rough, but I think I can bring it back. It is still pretty solid which is a credit to whoever made the frame originally. The top is long gone and was wooden and damaged and my father said they burnt it. So I would really like to try and clean this table frame up and make something cool for the top, so we can have a cool coffee table in our home.

But I am not sure what to make the top out of? It's quite tall, it's one of those tables you sort of stand at.

I think the base is really interesting. It is actually metal and wood. The cross pieces on the floor looks like they were chromed at one point. The center spindle looks like it was black steel and the diagonal pieces are actually wood.

It have a sort of aviation, industrial feel and I'd really like to keep that in the theme for the top. Luckily the wood is still in good condition. The paint and chrome have all flaked off though.

I think I will have the base re-chromed, and painted and varnished back to looking amazing.

I have some ideas for the top. I like the idea of sort of rivetted metal effect on the coffee table top. Like it's a chunk from the side of an old fashioned aeroplane, maybe with one of those flying ladies on it. Just glass seems a bit boring, maybe I could etch something into it?

I'm not really a fan of the tiled tops. But maybe something captured in resin would be quite cool.

Any ideas? I'd like to try and make this table a feature piece and maybe find or make some cool stools to sit at it.

Thanks in advance for any ideas
Furniture Coffee Table Top Wood Metal Resin
How to make a coffee table top? image one
How to make a coffee table top? image two
How to make a coffee table top? image three
Asked by Harry Teddie
Question date:  Aug 17, 2022
Member since:  Aug 17, 2022