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How to make a dog ramp for getting on the bed?

643 days ago • 7 likes • 3 comments • 7 votes • 0 follows
Shared by Diane Rick | Question date:  Aug 25, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 25, 2022

Knowledge Shared:

Hello, I really wanted to say thank you to my daughter and her husband for helping me and Monty out. Monty is my dog and a while ago he had a terrible accident that nearly did him in.

You see we are both getting a bit long in the tooth and although we have had a very happy life together, we need to admit we are both not quite as sprightly as we used to me.

Unfortunately, I had just come home from the hospital having been checked out for a fall and Monty had tried his best to trundle out of the house to meet me and unfortunately a car had got him too. It was the worst day of my life, and I have never been so worried. But luckily he did not die, but he did lose a leg. It was devastating for us both.

So when we both finally recovered, thanks to much help and support from my daughter, we still had one problem. Monty loves to come and lay on my bed in the evening. And now with only three legs and the wind knocked out of his sails, he just can't muster the energy for the leap onto my bed.

We just didn't know what to do. I couldn't really pick him up. He couldn't jump up. I can't sleep on the floor. It was quite miserable. Monty has been my best friend for many years and I love him so much.

So one day, my wonderful daughter rang me and asked if it was ok to come round as she had a present for me and Monty. Of course she is always welcome and we wondered what the present could be. My daughter and her husband are very kind and they always spoil us and look after us. But we were not quite ready for what she brought to show us.

She turned up and there was this strange thing, her husband had brought with him. They let themselves in and we all went into the bedroom. And then my daughter's husband placed it down and wow, it was wonderful. It was a perfect dog ramp from the floor up to my bed.

And Monty was unsure at first, but now absolutely loves it. He mastered the climb within minutes and with his own independence back, he can climb into our bed whenever he wants.

I just wanted to share this, as often the simplest of things are the most important things. Thank you so much Jane and Frank. Myself and Monty are eternally grateful.

Woodwork Dog Ramp Pets Woodwork Ramp
How to make a dog ramp for getting on the bed? image one
Shared by Diane Rick
Question date:  Aug 25, 2022
Member since:  Aug 25, 2022
Orange(630 days ago)
That's a really cute story thanks x
Diane Rick(630 days ago)
Thanks for the comment.
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Orange(591 days ago)
This is really cute xx
Diane Rick(591 days ago)
Thanks again xxx
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Diane Rick(591 days ago)
Thank you so much for all the kind words.
Diane Rick(591 days ago)
Just an update, everything is ok
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