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What can you make with vintage suitcases?

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Asked by Pam Hayes | Question date:  Aug 18, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 18, 2022

Question Asked:

We have just moved into an old house and after a week or two, we finally went into the loft. Here we found some old vintage suitcases.

I really don't know anything about them or how long they have been up there. But they have probably been there for a good while. I have asked the previous owner and they said they didn't even know they were there.

They are actually in really good condition, and as a pure guess, I'd say they are probably 80 to 100 years old. The vintage suitcases have that sort of war time look.

Anyway, it seems like a real shame to just leave them in the loft for the next person to get out, scratch their head and then put back in the loft again for the next, next person, lol!

But the problem is I don't really know what I can do with them, to give them a new life. They are really quite interesting objects, so I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas?

I have seen people make those funny, little side tables out of old suitcases. I think they are side tables. But I have to say, I have never really liked this look, I think it's a bit silly.

If only they were a bit bigger, like the old fashioned trunks, people used to use. At least I could have kept my bedding in a trunk at the bottom of the bed, that looks nice.

So I am now the one who is scratching my head as to what to do with them. Maybe I could get my husband to make some sort of custom drawers. And use each case as a drawer. It would be interesting to see if anyone else has a better idea.

I mean they are literally abandoned and no one wants them. So I can do anything to them, cut them up into pieces even.

Maybe some sort of bar stools might be quite funny, if I make a travelling themed bar in my house. I have a conservatory that I never use. This could be quite cool. They do look a bit like Harry Potter suitcases.

Any ideas would be very welcome, thanks in advance.
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What can you make with vintage suitcases? image one
Asked by Pam Hayes
Question date:  Aug 18, 2022
Member since:  Aug 18, 2022