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How to glue wood to tiles? Seriously how on earth do you do that?

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Asked by Ryan Jaxton | Question date:  Aug 9, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 9, 2022

Question Asked:

Hello, I know this is a strange question about glue, but in my local pub, yes picture yourself at the pub now. A lovely hot summer's day, you're having a wonderful time, now you need a pee. So you trundle off to the boy's room and BAM!

All the urinals are busy, everyone's drinking a lot of beer, everyone's happy, it's sunny for goodness sake. This doesn't happen often in the UK. So you swerve into a cubicle... are you still with me... and DOUBLE BAM... the cubicle door swings open... but luckily, behind the heavy cubicle door is a small piece of wood glued to the tiles.


You know a little piece of wood is there to stop the door handle banging into the tiles when the heavy door is opened. Anyway, this fascinated me and I am ashamed to say that it fascinated me so much that I gave the small block of wood a little tug. And what would you know that little thing was glued on like an absolute champion.

Thank goodness it didn't fall off because with the boldness of a few beers it seemed like a good idea. But I just know in the cold light of the next day, if I had woken from my slumber to find that small block of wood in my pocket I would have been eternally ashamed. And well, would have had to make an unnecessary trip back to the pub to confess and pay for repairs.

Actually thinking about it, maybe I should have done that, because... gosh this is going on... because HERE IS THE PROBLEM... I too have a heavy door in my bathroom which slams open and the handle hits my tiled wall and a small piece of wood stuck to the tiles would actually relieve me of a huge amount of interior decoration anxiety.

BUT BUT BUT, thank you for reading this far... what on earth was that block of wood stuck to a tile with?

Some sort of industrial power adhesive... I don't know what it could be...

If you have "glue expert" written on your business card... please please please... offer me a free consultation... or maybe, just let me know of a good glue that will permanent stick a piece of wood to a tile. Strong enough for a bloke with three beers in him to hang off.

Thanks for listening
Glue glue wood tiles pubs
Asked by Ryan Jaxton
Question date:  Aug 9, 2022
Member since:  Aug 9, 2022