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Can you actually make candles from Crayons?

703 days ago • 4 likes • 1 comments • 2 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Grace Darby | Question date:  Aug 16, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 16, 2022

Question Asked:

My friend has an absolute load of old Crayons. Two big plastic boxes full and a couple of extra plastic bags full. There are hundreds of them. I think they came from a nursery that closed down, but can't remember what she said.

Anyway, this may seem like an odd question, but can you actually make candles out of Crayons? We wanted to try and see if we could make something with them, even if it was just a fun project we could do with our kids.

Surely once they are melted, all the colors will look amazing together. I would like to do a marbling effect, rather than just mix them all together. I feel like I have seen other people do things with melted Crayons. And it will also have that added nostalgia vibe, but is it actually possible? Are there different types of wax, some for drawing, some for burning?

Also I know Crayons have that funny smell, but we were also wondering if you can add something to the melted wax to sort of mask that smell a bit.

I am sure we are not the first people to think about making candles out of Crayons, so we really wanted to know if anyone else has any success doing this. Or have we totally missed something and this is a terrible idea.

We have made other candles from the little wax granules you can get from candle making supply shops. She also has a few moulds we could use. But really it just a total experiment. We are not trying to make any gifts or anything, just wanted to have some fun with the kids making something.

If candles are a bad idea. Can anyone suggestion anything else we can do with all these old Crayons? We literally have over 20 lbs worth. They weigh a ton and it's going to take forever, just to get all the paper off, lol. But there are some really pretty colors and it seem like such a shame to just throw them away.

Thanks in advance
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Can you actually make candles from Crayons? image one
Can you actually make candles from Crayons? image two
Asked by Grace Darby
Question date:  Aug 16, 2022
Member since:  Aug 16, 2022
Allie Suthers(695 days ago)
I have been using wax crayons to add colour to the soy wax that I buy for making candles. My children always have a lot of broken crayons laying around and they love to help making candles. We use the wax crayons as almost a wax dye and because they are also made from wax, they mix into the candle wax perfectly. I even mix my own colours by adding a couple of different coloured crayons to my mixture.
Hayley McKenzie(685 days ago)
I do this as well. Crayons are a really quick, easy and affordable way to add colour to candle wax.
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