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Is this mirror ugly or interesting?

680 days ago • 1 likes • 0 comments • 0 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Janet Coby | Question date:  Aug 13, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 13, 2022

Question Asked:

Ok, please I am looking for some honest feedback. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. It's not like this mirror was handed down to me on my daddies death bed. It's just a mirror I found at a car boot sale.

I had bought this mirror and had it on my bathroom wall for a few months and now I can't decide if it is ugly or interesting. I now think it looks like something that should really be in a pub toilet, lol. And I don't want my husband to start peeing on the floor.

I think it is maybe time for a change, regardless, but just wanted to show it and get an opinion what other people thought of it.

The silvering is rubbing off in patches here and there, so I thought it looked a bit antique-y, but I'm not so sure now, ha ha, oh dear. I'm sure we have all collected things that seemed brilliant at the time, only to take another look in the cold light of day and think... Mmmmnn, I'm not so sure now.

What are your interior design embarrassing purchases? If I am honest, I think I could write about a hundred of these posts with odd things I've bought, lol. My living room does sometimes look like a jumble sale!

It didn't cost much when I bought it, so I'm not that bothered about replacing it. I think mirrored things were trendy a few years ago. Remember the mirrored draws and side tables and walls and frames everywhere. That might actually still be trendy. But I feel like I was trying to be trendy with this mirror, but sort of missed the mark, lol.

Anyway, was just interested to know what other people thought? Go on, be honest, I'm getting rid of it anyway. And if everyone does think this mirrored mirror is amazing, well then, I might just start collecting them and open a pub.

I'm sure hubbie would love that :)

Thanks Janet.
Mirror Mirror Pub Mirror
Is this mirror ugly or interesting? image one
Is this mirror ugly or interesting? image two
Asked by Janet Coby
Question date:  Aug 13, 2022
Member since:  Aug 13, 2022