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What can I make with old teabags?

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Asked by John Witchell | Question date:  Aug 27, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 27, 2022

Question Asked:

Ok so it all started when the wife said she read on the internet that you can fix a broken nail with a teabag. Something about using it to glue your nail back together or something. So of course, being the perfect gentleman, I finished my cuppa and immediately went to work rescuing the used teabag from the bin. I emptied it out and then diligently cleaned and dried the emergency teabag for days on the window-sill.

It was at this point the wife came home with brand new nails. Very nice, I must say. She had been to the beauty place and spent a fortune. And I looked at my sad little teabag on the window sill and thought, "Well this is a shame".

There must be a use for old used teabags?

So I do have a bit of a thing, where things get me going and I go into a sort of collecting mode. I have endless beer mats and wine labels and postcards from all around the world. I really must put them into a scrapbook at some point. It's funny how now we have digital cameras, no one has a lovely photo album anymore.

But doesn't everyone collect something? Maybe it is just part of human nature? What do you collect? Memories, ornaments, touristy things, fridge magnets? My wife collects receipts and sweet wrappers, her car is full of them!

So I don't really know how, but I have ended up with this box of teabags, minus the tea leaves. Maybe I should have collected that too. Maybe used tea leaves make good fertiliser for a specific sort of exotic plant?

So do you have any ideas? Please, I need help! What on earth can I do with all these used teabags. I am starting to think maybe I should stop drinking tea. Maybe I should drink gin, instead. Oh, but then I would have a hundred fancy gin bottles laying around, like our daughter, lol! She doesn't know what to do with them either!

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What can I make with old teabags? image one
Asked by John Witchell
Question date:  Aug 27, 2022
Member since:  Aug 27, 2022