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Are Gutterman threads really the best?

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Asked by Susan Murphy | Question date:  Aug 17, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 17, 2022

Question Asked:

Hello, I have limited experience of sewing and before I started, I remember reading a bit about threads. And the consensus was that Gutterman threads really were the best. Well, at least on the couple of websites I read.

But I find they are quite expensive and a lot of my projects are just for my children. So I don't really need the best, top quality thread for something my little ones might just wear for a month.

I have tried using some lower quality, no name threads, that a friend gave me. She didn't like them either. And I have to say they were definitely not as strong, especially after a few washes and tumble drying. But what I did notice was my sewing machine would need cleaning a lot more often. It's almost like the lower quality threads, put out more lint as they go through the machine.

I don't really want to save money on thread, to then just have to spend it on having my machine professionally serviced.

So what I was wondering is, if there is a good quality brand out there, that is maybe not quite as professional quality as Gutterman, and therefore not as expensive. But still good enough for an average sewer to be happy with.

I'm really looking for a brand name, maybe that is a tier down in price from Gutterman. So if anyone has had any success with another brand name, it would be good to know. I really want something that has a name, so I can keep buying the same brand and hopefully they will have good quality control and everything so I don't have to worry about this any more.

I would really even compromise on strength and colours, but not too much. I don't really see myself sewing any curtains or adult clothing. And even if I did, my own expectations wouldn't be demanding much from the end result :)

Thanks in advance for any information. Really want to hear about other people's experiences.
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Are Gutterman threads really the best? image one
Are Gutterman threads really the best? image two
Asked by Susan Murphy
Question date:  Aug 17, 2022
Member since:  Aug 17, 2022