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How to restore an old mirror?

625 days ago • 1 likes • 1 comments • 0 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Mary Flynne | Question date:  Aug 7, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 7, 2022

Question Asked:

Hello, I have an old mirror that I would like to completely restore. I would like to remove all the paint and get it back to the base wood, then take some time to paint it back so it looks amazing.

I think I can remove the frame from the mirror, but before I do that I wanted to know if anyone thought paint stripper could take the mirror effect or layer off the glass.

I hope this makes sense? The mirror part is already pretty patchy and worn away. I would really like to restore the actually mirror part back too. I am not sure how to fill in the parts were the mirror reflective stuff has worn off.

If I had to keep it as it is, it might not be terrible, it definitely looks kind of antique-y. But I just don't want it to get any worse. So I'm guessing paint stripper is probably strong enough to remove the actual mirror effect also, if I got it on it. So I should probably take the frame off and do both pieces separately.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Anyone done anything like this before?

Thanks in advance
Restoration mirror paint stripper antique
How to restore an old mirror? image one
How to restore an old mirror? image two
Asked by Mary Flynne
Question date:  Aug 7, 2022
Member since:  Aug 7, 2022
Jan Baker(624 days ago)
That is a beautiful mirror, will look amazing, when it is restored. Please post more images when you get it finished and hung up.