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How do you preserve pressed flowers forever?

668 days ago • 1 likes • 1 comments • 0 votes • 1 follows
Asked by Hayley McKenzie | Question date:  Sep 20, 2022 | Member since:  Sep 3, 2022

Question Asked:

I have just bought this beautiful flower press set and I am waiting for it to arrive. I have always wanted this vintage William Morris flower press and have been looking for a while, so when I found this on EBay, I was really happy and ordered it immediately. I have wanted a proper flower press for such a long time.

I used to press flowers as a very young child in a toy flower press that I had and between heavy books. As an adult I would like to press flowers and preserve them properly. I didn’t do the best job of preserving them as a child as maybe they needed longer in the flower press.

My question is, what are the best ways to preserve presser flowers? And how do I preserve them forever? I would really like the flowers to last as long as possible and keep their colouring for as long as possible also.

Also, any tips on the best flowers or leaves for pressing would be very much appreciated. I really don’t want them to go brown and rot. I understand that I have to make sure that they are left long enough inside the flower press to completely dry out and I need to ensure that no moisture gets to them.

I am really looking forward to my new flower press arriving so that I can get started on some floral projects. It would be good to get started before it gets too cold, while I still have some beautiful flowers left in my garden.

Thank you for your time and any advice that you can give. I would love to see any projects that you have done with pressed flowers.
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How do you preserve pressed flowers forever? image one
Asked by Hayley McKenzie
Question date:  Sep 20, 2022
Member since:  Sep 3, 2022
Anna Lorran(662 days ago)
I am going to try to put pressed flowers onto/into my jewellery. I make polymer clay jewellery. My plan is to bake the polymer clay, then place the pressed flowers on top and seal in with UV resin. I will let you know how it goes. I know that it is important to make sure that the pressed flowers are thoroughly dried out before using, as it is the moisture that can cause them to lose their colour.