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Where is the best place to buy paper sewing patterns?

617 days ago • 7 likes • 2 comments • 6 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Evie Carter | Question date:  Aug 15, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 15, 2022

Question Asked:

I have started looking at sewing patterns as a way of teaching myself to sew beautiful things and would like to know where are the best places to buy sewing patterns from? Something fairly simple to start with until I learn the basics. I have an old sewing machine that still works perfectly, I just haven't used it properly since I was a child, it was my Aunties, and I only ever sewed square cushions.

I was given a couple of patterns by my Auntie as she has asked me to have a go at making her an apron and I thought I could make some nice things to use for my new sewing hobby. I would love to learn so that I can eventually make lovely things that I can sell.

I don't mind whether I buy the sewing patterns new or second hand. As anything will be good for me to learn. I am interested in make all sorts of things eventually including; cushions, blankets, clothing, things for pets, soft furnishings and soft home décor items.

I have access to quite a few fabric offcuts, so it would be really good if I could make use of them. So any ideas for making things with fabric offcuts would really be appreciated.

I am very excited about making my Auntie an apron. I am going to buy some guinea pig fabric for it as she really loves guinea pigs. And I am really excited to hopefully add more new patterns to my sewing pattern collection.
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Where is the best place to buy paper sewing patterns? image one
Asked by Evie Carter
Question date:  Aug 15, 2022
Member since:  Aug 15, 2022
Louise Richards(617 days ago)

I bought some recently in the sale section of Hobbycraft. They had loads. It took me a little time to find what I was after, but I came away with quite a lot of sets of sewing patterns for a fraction of the price that they would have been if not on sale. They also had others that are not in the sale.

Julia Anderson(533 days ago)
I buy mine from Hobbycraft also. I always browse for second hand ones as well. I was lucky last week as someone local to me was selling a small basket full on Facebook Marketplace.
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Nina Potter(598 days ago)
Hobbycraft is a brilliant place to get sewing patterns. My local Hobbycraft store in Northampton always seems to have a couple of boxes of them on discount. Hopefully some of the other stores do the same. I sent this picture to my friend when I went in there yesterday as she loves sewing patterns as well.
Lorina Elle(537 days ago)
I get mine from Hobbycraft as well. My local store is also Northampton. I love the discount boxes of sewing patterns.
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