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How to install concrete pillars?

661 days ago • 0 likes • 1 comments • 0 votes • 1 follows
Asked by Roger Vincent | Question date:  Aug 7, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 7, 2022

Question Asked:

Hi, see the image attached.

A friend is offering me these concrete pillars he found in his yard. I quite like them as a fun feature, but I am struggling to think how I can install them without adding a ton of concrete.

Each pillar is about 7 foot tall and sits on the base, as you can see in the picture. They are quite heavy and will need a secure footing. They are a little bit top heavy I'm thinking.

Even just mortaring the pillar to the base, seems very sketchy to me. I am not an expert in these areas. It does look like there were bolts sticking out from the pillars before, but they have all been cut off, leaving little stumps.

So obviously the base has to be really firm, but how can I make sure the top doesn't wobble loose over time. I don't think weight and mortar is going to be enough. A bit of weather and wind and it will crack, then probably fall on top of someone.

I'm thinking I will have to drill holes for new long bolts, them mortar them into the ground as well. Anyway, as I said any advice would be appreciated.

Concrete Concrete Pillar Garden Ornament
How to install concrete pillars? image one
Asked by Roger Vincent
Question date:  Aug 7, 2022
Member since:  Aug 7, 2022
Lanny Kimball(661 days ago)
Looks like a lot of work. I'm not sure if a pillar has to have something on top of it to work. Can you actually have a free-standing pillar, if you know what I mean. Is the building pushing down on top of it, the thing that makes it stable?