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Beautiful Handmade Bird Cage Aviary

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Shared by Jean Harland | Question date:  Aug 18, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 18, 2022

Knowledge Shared:

Hello, I just wanted to show off my beautiful bird cage aviary, that my husband made for me, when we were both young.

I am an old lady now and I think it still looks wonderful. It has been repaired a number of times, though, a bit like me. But it has been a wonderful home to many, many bird friends over the years.

It has been moved many times and was once in storage for five years. But I never once thought about giving it away, it just means so much to me.

My husband is a wonderful, kind man and was always doing lovely gestures. I remember when he presented it to me. I was absolutely blown away. I have mentioned that I loved birds and how pretty they were, and elegant and graceful. And I think this captured his imagination. He build it on an old pallet, so we could move it around. It is quite solid and tall, I can easily get into it. But then again I am only small.

When he presented it, it had two pretty little birds inside. He called them love birds, like us, but I think they were just little budgies, but I didn't mind one bit. I loved them as much as I loved him.

If I am being really honest, he always said he just used it as an excuse to keep seeing me, as the bird cage aviary lived round his house for a long time. But I didn't need an excuse.

I loved those little budgies. I love what they represented. I loved their home and wanted to make one with the man that made this beautiful bird cage aviary for me.

I am now getting too old to look after the little birds now. And unfortunately my beautiful husband is no longer with me. But our daughter, who grew up feeding and cleaning the birds, really wants the cage and now she can enjoy the little flutter of some feathery friends too.
Woodwork Bird Cage Aviary Pets
Beautiful Handmade Bird Cage Aviary image one
Beautiful Handmade Bird Cage Aviary image two
Beautiful Handmade Bird Cage Aviary image three
Shared by Jean Harland
Question date:  Aug 18, 2022
Member since:  Aug 18, 2022