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How to make concrete shapes from molds?

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Asked by Lydia Felton | Question date:  Aug 12, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 12, 2022

Question Asked:

A friend of mine has just bought some land and the back part of it is covered in old concrete molds. There are bird baths and ornaments, concrete edging molds and fake stones etc etc etc. Loads of concrete molds everywhere.

He said I could have any that I wanted as he is just going to throw them away. There are some molds that a fibreglass and some that are metal. To be honest, most of them are in pretty rough condition. Looks like they have been sitting in the field for quite a few years it looks like. But I actually like the idea of making a few garden concrete ornaments from the molds. Maybe I could give a few away to friends and family. That sounds funny now, like everyone I know is going to have the same bird bath, lol.

But even if I don't do that, it still will be a good project. I think I can find some pieces that aren't so badly weathered. I like the idea of making a concrete table for the back garden, for picnics and sitting at. Maybe I can make some sweeping steps like some sort of manner house. Maybe this is all a bit grandiose.

If I can find some molds for planters, that might be quite good. I like those concrete urns on pedestals. My garden is a reasonable size, but it's not that fancy. So this might all end up being a bit ridiculous. I will probably just end up making some fancy concrete lawn edging. I saw some molds for that, and I think that would actually be useful and look pretty nice.

I'm not sure if any of this is actually a good idea. It does seem like all the garden centres have moved to selling resin planters etc. They look so realistic and just like concrete and much lighter and easier to move around.

This is probably why all these concrete molds have just been abandoned. If you have any ideas of what I could do with these concrete mold, please let me know.

Concrete Concrete Mold Garden Ornament
How to make concrete shapes from molds? image one
How to make concrete shapes from molds? image two
Asked by Lydia Felton
Question date:  Aug 12, 2022
Member since:  Aug 12, 2022