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What is the best resin for UV resistance?

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Asked by Billie Thom | Question date:  Aug 10, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 10, 2022

Question Asked:

Are there any experts in resin brands out there?

My friend gave me some left-over resin to experiment with and I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing flowers and plants in the resin. I wanted to make some little trinkets to hand in my window.

But I was recently reading that some resin actually goes yellow over time, if they are left in the sunlight. I wanted to hang my resin flower decorations in the window so the light can filter through them. But obviously, I really don't want them to go yellow over time.

I suppose a very slight yellowing would be ok, but I really don't know how yellow they go when people mention this.

Well I wanted to do more resin plants and garden captures, but as resin is so expensive I am reluctant to buy a lot more without feeling confident that I am getting a resin with good UV resistance. And I can't really afford to do my own experiments with different resin brands.

I suppose the first question is how long does it take for resin to start yellowing? How bad is the yellowing? I am not even sure how we talk about how bad the yellowing is, because it will all be subjective I suppose. One person might not mind a small amount of yellowing, whilst another would like it to remain perfectly clear.

Is there a number or a standard for UV resistance for resin?

I mean it would be nice if there was a resin that remained perfectly clear for a long period of time. I wonder what professionals use, like artists etc

If you have a brand name that you use and like, please let me know.

Also are there any other problems you have had with working with resin? I already know about the nightmare clean up, made a few mistakes already and have already thrown away like six tea towels.

Also I didn't realize it actually gets warm whilst it is setting. If you do a thicker block, does it get really hot? Is this anything to worry about?

Thanks again, I'm still really excited, it's just seems like one of the more expensive crafty hobbies. But I suppose the are all expensive which ever you end up getting involved in.

Resin Resin Yellowing Flowers
What is the best resin for UV resistance? image one
What is the best resin for UV resistance? image two
Asked by Billie Thom
Question date:  Aug 10, 2022
Member since:  Aug 10, 2022