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Why is pottery so hard?

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Shared by Baz Tommy | Question date:  Aug 25, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 25, 2022

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So I have just finished my first pottery project. And I have to say my nerves were through the roof for most of it. And it really didn’t help, Janice the tutor, laughing at me all the time. All joking aside she was wonderful. My wife and I went on a little course and although it likely took years off my life, we did learn a few things. And I have to say we are both hooked. Well the wife is pretty well hooked. I on the other hand, am more floundering in the shallows.

But I don’t think my first effort came out particularly badly. What do you mean, you don’t have three winged birds where you are from?

Well I wanted to just make a fruit bowl sort of thing. Probably will end up being full of snacks most of time, but who cares, it’s coming out as much as possible. Hopefully someone will break it!

Making the bowl was surprisingly difficult. I suppose, like anything, you have to get your hands used to moving in a way they don’t want to move. I’d like to say I did it all myself. But it was a bit like I occasionally supervised Janice to straighten things out. Hey, I paid, so I think I get most of the credit.

The decorating was fun. I had a beautiful vision of a majestic eagle swooping into a lake to catch a fish. So, we did some spinning type painting and then sponging and then the moment, when I nearly had a heart attack from the stress.

I did practise but, like I said I think my hands are more used to throwing out a line, than painting a bird. So I ended up with a rather surreal set of swooshes that, franking, if you squint really hard… no a bit more… no even more…

There, with your eyes completely closed, it does look exactly like the eagle I envisaged. Except with three wings, catching a squirrel. You know, if you want picture perfect, buy a camera, ey?

So hopefully, if I can do it, so can you. Well likely you can do it much better than me. But I get a few points for trying right. Well Janice mostly does, but hey, I turned up, that's got to be worth something, right? And if I can do that, so can you. So give it a go, why not?

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Why is pottery so hard? image one
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Why is pottery so hard? image three
Shared by Baz Tommy
Question date:  Aug 25, 2022
Member since:  Aug 25, 2022
Yellow(579 days ago)
Maybe don't think about it being difficult, maybe try and enjoy the journey more than the result. Learning is the fun bot, in my opinion x