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Opinions on this pottery wheel for sale?

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Asked by Chris Porter | Question date:  Aug 8, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 8, 2022

Question Asked:

Hi, I want to try and get into doing some pottery and ceramics. But it is quite an expensive hobby and as I am starting I don't want to spend too much money, in case I lose interest or move on to something else.

I have seen this pottery wheel for sale, and it's very cheap. I think it was actually made by someone. Anyway just wanted to try and get some opinions on it. I am concerned because the vertical shaft piece seems very slim and unsupported and my boyfriend says he thinks this will induce a certain amount of vibration and then obviously ruin anything I am working on.

If anyone has any experience of using a pottery wheel can you let me know your opinion of this set up. The seller says it hasn't been used in years and just been stored. Is it better to just wait and save a bit more money and get something more reliable or is it worth taking a chance?

Obviously I would love to get a good brand but they are so expensive.

Maybe I'll try and find a course first, I looked but there is nothing near me. Maybe I could get the pink one, it really is cheap and get someone to refurb it. Straighten it out and put more support in.

Oh, I haven't even started yet, just pottery looks so fun, would love to give it a go and really get into it.

Thanks for reading,
Pottery pottery potters wheel
Opinions on this pottery wheel for sale? image one
Asked by Chris Porter
Question date:  Aug 8, 2022
Member since:  Aug 8, 2022