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Which is the best clay for jewellery making?

673 days ago • 4 likes • 3 comments • 9 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Elizabeth Iris | Question date:  Aug 10, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 10, 2022

Question Asked:

I would love to start making jewellery with clay, but it is not something that I have much experience with. I currently just make beaded jewellery, but would like to branch out into clay.

I know there are lot of different types of clay, but I am wondering what is the best type of clay for making jewellery? I will probably mostly be making earrings. I would like to use something that either comes in a lot of colours, but that can also be mixed to create more unique colours. Or maybe even something that can be painted easly.

I was browsing around Hobbycraft this morning looking at the different types of clay. I have heard a lot about Polymer clay like FIMO and have seen lots of beautiful things made with it. And it does come in a lot of different colours. I can be quite picky about colours, I would be interesting if there was a website where it could tell you how to mix colours together to get a specific hue, maybe by weight. I have a tiny jewellery scale somewhere.

However, I just wanted to check that this is the best choice before I start or ask if anyone has any other good experience with other options.

I also like the idea of getting some mold for the polymer clay, but I don't know where is the best place to buy them. Or maybe I could eventually even make owm molds. I know many people do that when they make resin bracelets and bangles.

I had some cute little silicone molds for making icing decorations, I wonder if I could just use them for the polymer clay. As long as I don't use them again or icing I don't see why this wouldn't work.

I know there are a lot of experts crafters who make jewellery with clay, so it would be good to get some feedback and maybe even post a picture below of anything you are working on.
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Which is the best clay for jewellery making? image one
Which is the best clay for jewellery making? image two
Asked by Elizabeth Iris
Question date:  Aug 10, 2022
Member since:  Aug 10, 2022
Callie Smith(673 days ago)
I use FIMO polymer clay as it is really easy to use, there are load of colours that can also be easily mixed, and you can also emboss it with your own designsand textures.
Janine Sands(588 days ago)
I use FIMO clay as well. I also love mixing unique colours and adding some metallic leaf.
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Jade Mitchell(673 days ago)
Polymer clay is best for jewellery making. I get it from my local craft store, I like to support them. But you can also get it online. FIMO is my preferred choice as it sets slightly harder than other Polymer clay. I love working with polymer clay as it is easy to create new colours, add textures and even embelish with gold and silver leaf.
Anna Lorran(628 days ago)
I always use FIMO to make jewellery.