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How to make a clay face that scares people to death or makes them laugh

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Shared by Jane Herb | Question date:  Aug 22, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 22, 2022

Knowledge Shared:

So my mum made this little face when she did a pottery evening class back in the 70s, when she was a bit of a hippy and a wild child. And it has now followed me around for over 40 years. She presented it to me, as a wonderful gift when I was a child. And I suppose to her, it was a special piece of magic, a personal hand crafted gift, full of love and passion. To me it was just a creepy face.

And this face would freak me out every time I hid it in a draw, to then open the draw in a month and find it. Or put it on a book shelf, to then pick up a year later, arrrgghh! Or hang it on the wall in my shed, behind the door. To them go in there, in the dark and find it staring back at me, oooohh! It keeps looking at me weirdly, as if saying, "You can't ever get rid of me, I'm too packed with love and emotion, and I will be with you forevvvveeeerrrrr!"

She told me she had made it in the likeness of her evening class art teacher. Someone she apparently had a bit of a crush on at the time and wanted to immortalise his likeness. So that she might gaze on it whenever she felt lonely. All I could think when she told me that was, what was he saying at the moment he was sculpted? With his mouth open and those eyebrows, all so confused looking? Probably something like, "Stop staring at me you silly girl and do your pottery class, already."

My husband says we should put some sort of tongue shaped hook through it's mouth and use it as a coat hook. But the thought of it looking at me, ever time I go for my coat, scares the help out of me. So, now we have our own daughter, I did the only thing a good mother can do. I presented it to our daughter, as a lovely keepsake of her granny. Who is no longer with us, rest her soul. Hopefully she will break it as soon as possible, and the pain will be over.

But, to my surprise, she loves it and actually asked, "Why is the man smiling so much, and look so happy?" Well this have given me whole new perspective on this little pottery sculpture. And I am now even more worried, why he was so happy in this effigy?

Maybe the long lost art teacher's grand-daughter has a clay, pottery sculpture of my mother with an o-face...

Oh dear, now I am really worrying, because over all this time, I have actually had my own passion for collecting one thing and have done my whole life, teacups! And next week I am starting my own pottery evening class. What can this all mean?

Jane x
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How to make a clay face that scares people to death or makes them laugh image one
Shared by Jane Herb
Question date:  Aug 22, 2022
Member since:  Aug 22, 2022