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Are older sewing machines better than new sewing machines?

660 days ago • 5 likes • 2 comments • 1 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Jessie Esmund | Question date:  Aug 8, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 8, 2022

Question Asked:

I wanted to buy a sewing machine and try and make some fun outfits for my daughter but I am a little confused on what type of machine to buy.

I am a total beginner and don't need a machine with lots of functions, just something that would be good value and reliable and enough to get me started.

I was actually chatting to a lady in my local shop and she was telling me to buy an older machine that doesn't have all the electronics, because like everything with electronics, they can go wrong and then how on earth does someone get the electronics fixed?

The lady was saying as there are no computers in the older machines, they are much more reliable and this actually resonated with me a bit, it made sense. I actually like the idea of an older sewing machine, I was thinking if it has lasted 30 years, it probably will last a few more years with the correct love and maintenance. I do hope the price of a good older machines are not going up because of this reason.

But was interested in other opinions. I know that people who really get into sewing often have more than one machine and it would be interesting to know if you are one of those people with a few machines, what type is your favorite?

I'm sure it depends on what you are trying to do, but like I said I really only want to do some fun little play suits and dresses and other little home decoration projects.

Thanks so much for reading.
Am very excited to get into sewing and to get creating.

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Are older sewing machines better than new sewing machines? image one
Asked by Jessie Esmund
Question date:  Aug 8, 2022
Member since:  Aug 8, 2022
Annie Jackson(624 days ago)
Personally I love older sewing machines. I have an old Toyota one that is around 40 years old and it seems a lot stronger and more powerful than more modern sewing machines that I have used. I have never had a problem with my older sewing machine, still works as perfectly as the day I first used it. They are a lot easier to use as well as there are less buttons, so less things to go wrong.
Jessy Louise(621 days ago)
I love the older vintage sewing machines, I now have two, an old Toyota sewing machine which is brilliant and I have recently been given an old Husqvarna sewing machine, which I need to get serviced before using.