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How to use a plaster mold for casting clay?

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Asked by Jason Preston | Question date:  Aug 12, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 12, 2022

Question Asked:

Hi, I have been given a plaster mold, that I was told you can cast clay into somehow, although I have no idea if that is what this mold is for, or if that is even possible to do that?

Or if this a thing you can even do at home? Or maybe it is part of a much bigger process?

The plaster mold is really pretty though. I think it is a stalk design and I can see little channels where I am guessing the air is supposed to escape. Because if I join the two halves together and turn it upside down the head of the stalk would be facing up. And I suppose if that little channel wasn't there, you would just get an air bubble.

So I need a little bit of expert information really, if there are any experts out there.

I was told it was for clay, but I have never heard of a clay that can run into a mold and then set hard. But I do know there are some concretes like that. Self levelling concrete is pretty running until it cures. So if someone could recommend a really good brand name of pouring clay or whatever it might be called, that would be great.

Also what can I use for mold release? I was thinking something like Vaseline, if people know what that is. I think it is a brand name, but it is petroleum jelly for putting on soars.

There is probably a professional product, that costs ten times as much.

But the real problem is that I think it will have to be fired, correct? Unless there is a material I can buy, that can do all this without that problem. I wonder if I can just put more plaster of Paris into this mold, maybe I'll go that way and it won't matter if we break it then.

There is a local, paint-your-pot shop, I think they have a kiln. I'm sure for a little payment, they will help me fire whatever we make, if that is the right sort of kiln.

Anyway, just wanted a fun project to do with the kids and maybe make some garden ornaments for the fish pond.
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How to use a plaster mold for casting clay? image one
Asked by Jason Preston
Question date:  Aug 12, 2022
Member since:  Aug 12, 2022