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Are these old sewing patterns really trendy or am I losing it?

647 days ago • 7 likes • 4 comments • 9 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Deborah Issac | Question date:  Aug 22, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 22, 2022

Question Asked:

Having recently had my own child, I had expressed an interest in taking up sewing, to my mother. So she went away and came back with a huge pile of old sewing patterns. I mean some are so old, that the actual pictures on the front are printed in black and white.

Anyway, we laid them all out and I have to say, I have new perspective on my mother. I do remember, as a very small child, endlessly sitting in my mother's sewing room, playing on the floor. As the noise of the machine went on and on forever. I remember trying on funny little outfits and toys and a huge stuffed cushion, about ten times the size of me, that me and my little sister would endlessly play on. It was so big you could lay across it like an island in the middle of our bedroom.

But these are not the majority of the patterns my mother showed me. Is it me or do most of these older sewing patterns actually look pretty trendy?

Trendy, in like a timeless, classic fashion style. There are a few that I have to say, I don't think have aged well. Like the 80s look lady, shoulder pad jackets. The baggy maternity wear, and the wrap-around head scarves for women and the cravats for men. But other than that, I think a lot of these sewing patterns have a wonderful timeless quality about them and it's actually quite inspiring.

Obviously the fabric in the pictures is dated, but if you try and ignore that. If you try and get your brain to substitute modern, trendy fabric, then I am starting to think the actual designs are pretty fashionable even by today's standards.

It would interesting to hear from anyone else. Is there anyone else out there who had made an outfit from a vintage sewing pattern and people have complimented them on it. Because I think I want to start making some of these designs and maybe use them for practising. But I would also like to do a good job and starting wearing some of my creations.

I might spare the husband the tight collared, short-sleeve polo shirts. He's a bit too happy around the waist to pull that off, lol.

But who knows, this could be the start of a little new, homemade, vintage sewing design trend. Why not? I think a lot of them would look amazing, like I said, with the right fabric.
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Are these old sewing patterns really trendy or am I losing it? image one
Asked by Deborah Issac
Question date:  Aug 22, 2022
Member since:  Aug 22, 2022
Janet Barker(644 days ago)
I personally love them. I grew up watching my Mum, Nan and Auntie make a lot of clothing from these types of sewing patterns. I recently bought a job lot of them from Facebook Marketplace. Vintage clothing sewing patterns still seem to be really popular. A lot of the designs are classics and are very timeless, especially some of the dress and skirt designs. And there are so many fabric choices now, that it is easier to give vintage designs a modern touch.
Nina Potter(634 days ago)
I agree with you Janet, I love them as well. I remember sitting with my Nan while she made clothes for my sister and myself. A lot of them would still be really trendy now.
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Diane Rick(629 days ago)
I love these old patterns, I still have loads of them. It is surprising how fashion design goes round in circles. Classics will always be classic, it seems.
Diane Rick(591 days ago)
It's fun to just try them out and see what reaction you get from friends and family.
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Lorina Elle(574 days ago)
I really like old sewing patterns. I am making myself a dress to go out in for a Christmas party with friends. One of my friends has asked me to sew one for her as well. I think the classic vintage styles are almost timeless.
Astrid Parker(557 days ago)
Love these. I have just got a dress making mannequin to have a go at making some clothes.