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Amazing workbench and counter built by my husband.

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Shared by Lauren Trey | Question date:  Aug 16, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 16, 2022

Knowledge Shared:

I just wanted to show off this amazing workbench, built by my husband for my new shop. I spent ages looking around for something that was going to be heavy duty and good quality and last a while and just couldn't find anything. And anything that was nearly right, was unbelievably expensive.

So my superman stepped in and said he would make it for me, if I designed it.

I really didn't want anything too complicated. I just wanted a nice big flat surface, with a good work area, of the exact dimensions I wanted. I wanted it to be strong enough to throw heavy boxes of supplies on and maybe even stand on. Which I have done now many times to move high things around or change a lightbulb here and there.

I wanted some big, heavy duty draws for hiding all the clutter and then just an open space which I could utilise for anything that crops up. Oh and it had to be on wheels and of course, it had to look nice.

Anyway, he welded the frame up pretty quick. Then made the drawers and shelves and I'd like to say it was done in no time, but I did have him doing about a million other things at the same time. He did the floor too, doesn't that look nice.

Anyway, I think it came out looking amazing. I painted the frame and sanded and varnished the wood. It is very heavy duty, but then that's how I wanted it. And the heavy duty castors actually lock, so it can't move at all once in position. And that's another good thing. I love the idea that this home made workbench can be moved. So I can effectively redesign my shop layout, whenever I want. Keeping it fresh feeling.

I've already had a few people comment on it, and I said he should go into production and maybe make more workbenches for different uses. There is no doubt in my mind, this workbench counter is going to last a lifetime.

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Amazing workbench and counter built by my husband. image one
Shared by Lauren Trey
Question date:  Aug 16, 2022
Member since:  Aug 16, 2022