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What are the best fabric and sewing scissors?

567 days ago • 6 likes • 2 comments • 10 votes • 0 follows
Asked by Annie Jackson | Question date:  Sep 25, 2022 | Member since:  Sep 14, 2022

Question Asked:

I am in the market for some new fabric cutting and sewing scissors as mine have seen better days, they had actually seen better days 2 years ago. I need to buy new ones as I have got back into sewing again, but would like to ensure that I am investing in a decent pair that will last a reasonably long time with daily use. I ideally need some for cutting through various types of fabric and some for fine needlework and thread cutting.

My friend sent me the attached picture of the ones that she uses for making curtains and soft furnishings. Luckily she has just bought a new set herself so that I can see which ones they are from the description on the packaging. I have heard really good things from her about the Fiskars sewing scissors. She says they are really good, but I would like some more input before I commit to buying some.

Which sewing scissors would you all recommend please?

Thank you in advance.

Sewing Sewing
What are the best fabric and sewing scissors? image one
Asked by Annie Jackson
Question date:  Sep 25, 2022
Member since:  Sep 14, 2022
Andrea Scott(557 days ago)

I always get the Fiskars scissors of various sizes. I have bought some from Hobbycraft and some from Amazon.

Astrid Parker(511 days ago)
I have just got some Fiskars tailors scissors for making some clothing. They are lovely and sharp and they cut through most fabrics really easily.
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Trisha Edwards(553 days ago)

I like the Fiskars scissors. I have a few different pairs. I can highly recommend Fiskars Tailor Scissors 27cm, Fiskars Amplify Razor Edge Fabric Scissors 24cm, Fiskars Classic Universal Scissors 25cm and Fiskars Classic Needlework Micro-tip Scissor 13cm. I use them all for various sewing activities.

Lorina Elle(528 days ago)
I use the Fiskars ones as well. They are the best ones that I have found so far.
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