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Vintage custom sewing machine what was it used for?

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Asked by Emma Cavan | Question date:  Aug 26, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 26, 2022

Question Asked:

Hello, I have a bit of an odd question, hope there is a sewing expert out there who can help me. It's bugging me a bit :)

I was in a cute, little shop recently. It was just a vintage clothes shop and had all these interesting old-fashioned, but actually quite trendy outfits. I bought something as I always feel these little businesses need all the help they can get now-a-days. But upstairs in their shop was this amazing sewing machine in the corner.

For the life if me though it didn't make any sense. I think it was there more for looks and display. I don't think they used it for anything. I mean it was just stuck in the corner. But I have never seen anything like it before.

All they sold were vintage clothes or should I say retro because it was new vintage, if that makes sense. I think they made it themselves in a vintage style. But this sewing machine was so impressive looking. I can't imaging you would sew clothing on it. Maybe shoes?

Obviously we have all see the beautiful old Singer sewing machines. Even the really old ones with the treadle foot thing. But I have never seen one like this. And it was so beefy and strong looking. Does anyone know exactly what this sewing machine was used for making?

I think it is obviously for working very thick fabric, that's why I thought leather shoes. But I think modern sewing machines that can sew shoes, don't you sit more to the front of it, than at the side, like this one?

Anyway I thought it was really cool looking and so I took a quick picture. It is definitely more industrial looking. It doesn't have any fancy paintwork on it. Like the vintage sewing machines that were sold to the public.

Upholstery sewing maybe?

Any ideas?
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Vintage custom sewing machine what was it used for? image one
Asked by Emma Cavan
Question date:  Aug 26, 2022
Member since:  Aug 26, 2022